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Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod


Lost your AC charger calbe? At a friend's house without it? Just want to show off? Not a problem any more with this iPod Data Cable. This 0.7m USB 2.0 iPod Data Cable for iPod/iPhone is a perfect choice! This USB data cable enables you to charge your...
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  • Update music / data & more to your iPod through this iPod Data Cable
  • Connect iPod with your PC / Labtop by USB port of this iPod USB Charger Cable
  • Hotsync and charge your iPod at the same time
  • When your iPod/iPhone is out of power, you can also use this iPod USB Cable to charge your iPod/iPhone
  • It is very convenient to use this iPod Data Cable
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Compatible with: iPod, iPhone
  • Cable Length: 700mm / 27.6in


Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

  • Update music / data & more to your iPod through this data cable, then you can enjoy the music you like

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

  • Connect iPod with your PC / Labtop by USB port, it can easily and well fit your iPod or iPhone with your computer

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

  • The port for iPod or iPhone and USB port. It can be used to music, data and more to your iPod through this data cable

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

  • With small body design, this USB cable is portable and can be easily stored in your drawer when you not use it

USB Charging & Data Transfer:

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

It seems that you can't go anywhere without hearing about the illustrious USB cable. Nearly every electronic device since 1996 has one, or can connect to one. USB ports and cables can serve many functions, including data transfer and electronic charging

USB Overview:

  • The Universal Serial Bus, or USB, is a format used to connect a device, such as a digital camera, to a host device, such as acomputer. It is recognized as the standard connection method used by electronic devices andcomputers

USB Charging:

  • Manyelectronicscan use the USB connection as a charging source. Everything from MP3 music players to cell phones can be charged when connected to a host device like a computer, or a specially designed AC plug that connects directly to a power outlet. When connected to a computer, the USB draws a small amount of power and converts it to a charge for your device.Blocked Devices
  • Many electronic devices have a built-in function that permits charging only when connected to certain products, often produced by the same company. This is to ensure that you are locked in to using the company's products

USB Data Transfer:

  • Most devices such as MP3 players and external hard drives require that you have a wired connection to the host device in order to transfer information between the two. The preferred and most widely used method to connect is via a USB cable


  • Having a direct connection can provide a rapid exchange of data between two devices. Many devices, such as an Apple iPod, can be set up to automatically transfer data when connected to your computer. When transferring data between two computers, a USB connection offers a much simpler solution than prior standards, such as burning data from one computer to a disc, then loading the disc into the second computer

How to Repair a USB Cable?

Oppon 0.7m USB 2.0 Data Sync and Charger Cable for iPod

Repairing damaged USB cables is often accomplished through the replacement of the cable. It is often more advisable to purchase a new cable, as repairing any damage can be more expensive than a new cable. If you decide to repair your cable, you will need patience, a new connector end, and in most cases, a soldering gun. The process can be lengthy, but if you desire to keep your existing USB cable, you can make repairs


  • Disconnect the damaged end of the USB cable. Some cables have USB ends that plug on to the ends of the USB cord and can be easily pulled off. Most damaged USB cable ends will need to be cut off with a wire cutter
  • Purchase a new USB connector end. These can be purchased from electronic and computer retailers. Most connector ends come with a connector that has a 1- to 2-inch length of USB cable attached to it. If your USB end plugs into your existing cable, you will need to purchase that type of USB end, which is also easily found at electronic and computer retailers
  • Plug in your connector if your USB accepts these types of ends. Once plugged in, test the cord to make sure it is working. If your USB cable does not accept plug-in connectors, cut a small opening in the hard plastic of the cable side of your connector to allow about 1 cm of the wires to be visible. There will be a red and black set of wires. You may need to use a wire stripper to remove any remaining plastic so that the metal of the wires are visible
  • Turn on your soldering gun and allow it to heat up. Press the soldering gun to the exposed metal wires of your old cable and allow the head to lightly melt each wire's tip. Do the same to the wires in your new connector
  • Quickly press both ends together. The red wires from the old cable should be attached to the red wires from the new connector end and the same goes for the black set of wires.They will almost instantly be bonded as soldering cools very quickly. It does not matter in which order you connect the wires as long as you connect red wires to red wires and black wires to black wires
  • Trim off any excess hard plastic with a hobby razor knife and cover the mended area with black electrical tape

Package Included:

  • 1 x USB 2.0 Data Charger Cable for iPod/iPhone