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Oppon Replacement Hard Drive Cable for iPod video


This Hard Drive Cable is ideal spare part for iPod video, Replace malfunction or damaged iPod video Hard Drive Cable with the new one. This Hard Drive Cable is best replacement for your iPod video. Video hard drive connector flex cable for ipod, chec...
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  • This Hard Drive Cable is ideal spare part for iPod video
  • Fits your device perfectly
  • Replace your broken, damaged or cracked iPod video Hard Drive Cable with the new one
  • It is specially designed for Apple iPod video
  • Quality material, premium craftsmanship
  • This is a non-OEM product
  • Compatible with: iPod video

Oppon Replacement Hard Drive Cable for iPod video

  • Ready for repairing your ipod video

iPod vedio 

  • The fifth generation iPod was introduced on October 12, 2005, shortly after the introduction of the iPod Nano. The fifth generation iPod featured a 2.5" 320x240 QVGA screen and a smaller Click Wheel. It is also known as the iPod Video, mainly because it is the first iPod to be able to play videos
  • The iPod Video is the first iPod to be available in an alternative color scheme in a non-special edition form, as a black option was added alongside "Signature iPod White", and marked the second full redesign of the iPod's aesthetic with its re-arranged proportions, its return to a fully flat front plate, and its more rounded rear casing. The 4-pin remote port was removed as well, causing backwards compatibility issues with certain accessories. A 30 GB model was offered for US$299 and a 60 GB model was offered for US$399. The iPod Video was also offered in the U2 special edition for US$349 with 30 GB. The iPod Video was the last model to have a plastic face
  • 6G iPod Classic(left) & 5G iPod (right) iPod showing the updated view feature.The iPod Video plays video in MP4 (up to 2.5 Mbit/s) and H.264 (up to 1.5 Mbit/s, baseline profile only) formats. Video such as TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and movies may be purchased from online stores such as the iTunes Store, or downloaded from Google Video and other sources, then imported to the iPod via iTunes software
  • Videos or photo slideshows may be played from the fifth generation iPod on a television set, projector or monitor with the use of the Apple iPod AV cable or via a dock using an S-Video cable. It is also possible to do this using some camcorder cables with an RCA connection at one end and a three-banded eighth-inch (3.5 mm) A/V plug at the other, although the red and yellow plugs (normally the audio right and video signals respectively) must be swapped around in order to achieve the correct signal
  • The iPod Video was updated on September 12, 2006. This update included a brighter screen, longer video playback time, newly designed earphones and a search feature. An iTunes installation CD was also no longer bundled, requiring users to download iTunes from Apple's website. The 60 GB model was replaced with an 80 GB model, and prices were cut by US$50 for both the 30 GB (US$249) and the 80 GB (US$349) models. Gapless playback and support for iPod games was enabled on all fifth generation iPods through a firmware update released at the same time

Package Included:

  • 1 x Replacement Hard Drive Cable for iPod video