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Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron


Do you want to be different in front of the public? Are you looking for a curling iron making you fashionable and meanwhile making no harm to your beautiful hair? If any answer from you is "yes", now here I'm telling you that...
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  • Heat Carrier Diameter: 3.8cm/1.5in
  • Power Line Length: 200cm/78.7in
  • Rated Frequency: 50Hz
  • Power: 35~38W
  • Power Source: 220V


  • Handle of this hair iron is designed with grains which can be anti-skidding
  • Roller of this curling iron will glide easily across your hair and reduce stress on follicles for improved curling
  • Instant heat recovery system makes sure the heat will be distribute averagely
  • Featured with adjustable temperatures and easy gliding roller, this kind of hair rollers helps you to curl your hair more easily
  • This hair iron is safe and convenient to take anywhere
  • It is a perfect gift for yourself and those who are special to you


Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

  • With fashionable appearance and humanized design, this hair iron is popular who are after fashion and beauty

Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

  • The whole part of the hair iron is made of good quality material, heat-resistant, durable enough

Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

  • Special design at the top of this hair iron is also heat-resistant, providing much more convenience when you are curling hair

Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

  • Handle is featured with veins so that it can be anti-slip


  • Protector between the heat carrier and handle can protect your hands from heat; temperature can be adjusted


  • Color is random in delivery

How to Make Perfect Curls With a Curling Iron:

Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

Adding curls to your locks with a curling iron transforms straight hair into a voluminous, sassy hairstyle. There are many different types of curls, from tight to loose and wavy. Control the shape of your curls by using different sizes of curling irons. Manipulate the direction of the curl by the way you hold your curling iron. A good curling iron along with good technique produces perfect curls


  • Divide your hair into three sections -- back, right side and left side of your head
  • Curl the back section first. Use hair clips to pin up the other two sections
  • Plug in the curling iron. Choose the correct heat setting. If you have thick, unruly hair, it's best to choose a high heat setting. A lower heat setting is good for fine, easily damaged hair. Let the curling iron fully heat before beginning
  • Grasp a 1 to 2-inch section of hair from the back and clamp the curling iron in the middle of it. Slide the curling iron down to the end of the section. Roll the curling iron so that the hair wraps around it until it's about 3 inches away from your scalp
  • Hold the curling iron still for about 20 seconds. Unwind the hair from the curling iron and allow it to fall down
  • Curl 1 to 2-inch sections to complete the entire back of your head. Once you have finished with that section, spray it with a lightweight hairspray if your hair easily loses curl
  • Take out the clip from your left or right section and repeat the curling process you used on the back of your head. Use the same method on your last section of hair
  • Check your curls in a mirror. If you think they need more volume, use a lightweight mousse. Spray the mousse on your hands and gently scrunch it through the curls. To achieve wavier, looser curls, run a wide-tooth comb through your curls in small, short strokes

How to Use a Ceramic Curling Iron on Long Hair:

Codos Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron

Having long hair opens up a world of hairstyle opportunities. Using a ceramic curling iron on long hair is an easy way to add soft waves and sexy style. While the idea of a curling iron makes many women a little nervous, practice definitely makes perfect in this case. Grab your ceramic curling iron and curl away


  • Use a shine serum specifically for protecting hair from hot styling tools. Use the product sparingly, as it will weigh hair down, shorten the life of your curls and make your hair look dirty. Start with a pea-sized amount, rub it between your palms and work your way from the ends towards the scalp. Stay about an inch or two away from the roots to keep the hair from looking greasy
  • Separate dry hair into one- to two-inch sections, depending on how big and loose you want the curls to be. The larger the curling iron, the bigger and softer your curls will be. Use an oven glove (you'll need the kind that separates all of your fingers, a mitten won't work) and wrap the hair around the iron. Make sure that the tip of the iron is consistently angled down. If you turn the iron in different directions, your curls will all point in different directions. Wrap the hair that is closest to your scalp around the base of the iron and work your way toward the tip of the iron. Though your curling iron probably has a clip to hold hair in place while it sets, holding it with the oven glove and keeping the clip off of it will create much more natural-looking curls
  • Separate the curls gently with your fingers. If you want them to be softer, brush through your hair using your finger tips. Once you have achieved the exact look you want, spray lightly hairspray. How much hairspray you use is completely dependent on how much hair you have, how well it holds a style naturally and how natural you want you hair to feel. The more spray you use, the better your curls will hold, but beware as a lot of hairspray can create an obvious coat of product on the hair, which can make it look and feel unnatural

Package Included:

  •  1 x Hot Tool Hair Curler Curling Iron