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Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit


Do you want a fashion and comfortable jacket suit? We are excited to recommend you this Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit.The men jacket suit is made of high quality material. And the men jacket suit is very comforta...
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  • The comfortable men jacket suit has cool appeal and instant style
  • This soft and comfortable men jacket suit is perfect for important occasions
  • Men jacket suit is made of high quality material, breathable, durable and comfortable
  • Single breasted suit offers 1-button single breasted front closure
  • This jacket suit will become a staple in your wardrobe
  • The cotton jacket can be match with a variety of your clothing
  • It is a perfect gift for someone special
  • Material: Cotton


Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • The stylish men jacket suit is made of high quality material, breathable, durable and comfortable

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • This soft and comfortable men jacket suit is perfect for any important occasions with a striped shirt

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • Black color of the cotton jacket. This comfortable jacket suit will become a staple in your wardrobe

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • The seam details of the single breasted suit. It is durable and beautiful. And the material is very superior

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • The bag details of men jacket suit. The comfortable men jacket suit has cool appeal and instant style

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • The button details of single breasted suit. Unique design of the cotton jacket makes you wear nice and cool

Size in Detail:


Jacket Length


Sleeve Length

Shoulder Width






















  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Alter a Men's Suit Jacket:

  • Using a seam ripper, carefully rip out the stitching that connects the lining to the sleeve and jacket hems. This gives you access to the seams you need to adjust
  • With the jacket on, check the fit of the back seam. If the jacket hangs too loosely when buttoned, take in additional seam allowance in the back seam. Do not take in the same amount from top to bottom, but instead adjust the fit by pinning the back seam so the jacket hangs properly. If the jacket is too tight, open the back seam and pin the seam using at least a one-quarter-inch seam allowance. Mark the adjustments with tailor's chalk on both sides of the seam on the outside of the jacket
  • Turn the jacket inside out with the lining free. Pin the seam according to the markings, with the right sides together. Look at the back of the jacket. Your chalk lines should meet and be almost invisible. Baste the seam and try on to check the fit. If it isn't right, carefully remove the basting and repeat the process
  • When your fit is correct, stitch the altered seam on your sewing machine. Carefully remove the original stitching and finger-press the seam open. If you've taken up the seam, don't trim extra seam allowance in case you need to let out the jacket later
  • Try on the jacket and adjust the jacket hem. The bottom edge of the jacket should just rest in your curved fingers when your hands are at your sides. Pin the hem to the correct length. Stitch the hem by hand
  • Using the same technique as for the jacket hem, adjust the sleeve length and pin. Sleeves should come approximately to where your thumb meets your wrist. If you have more than 2 inches of hem, trim the hem allowance to 2 inches. A bigger hem will not hang properly. Stitch the hem by hand
  • Carefully reattach the lining to the hem edges. The edge of the lining should end approximately one-half inch from the hem edge and should not pull tightly from the top of the jacket. It is best to pin the lining in place while the jacket is on. Hand-stitch the lining in place
  • Have the jacket professionally cleaned and pressed to remove chalk and alteration marks

How to Pack a Men's Suit:

  • Pack the suitcase. Before trying to pack the suit, it is important to fill the suitcase with all other pieces of clothing and travel-related items. The suitcase will need to be nearly full in order to pack the suit tight
  • Lay the suit down across the top of the full suitcase. The collar should be 1 inch below the hinge of the suitcase top. The arms of the suit should be folded neatly over the front of the suit
  • Place the pants of the suit on top of the suit jacket. The waist line will be on the right side of the suitcase along the shoulder of the suit, with the legs of the pants hanging over the opposite side of the suitcase
  • Fold the jacket bottom over the legs of the pants toward the hinge of the suitcase
  • Finish the pants. Finally, fold the pants legs toward the waist line of the pants and over the suit jacket. The packing is complete

How to Measure Men's Suit Size:

Men Cotton 1-Button Single Breasted Jacket Suit

  • Begin the process by measuring the chest. The proper way to do this is have the gentleman raise the arms slightly. A position with the elbows level with the shoulders is sufficient. Position the tape measure so it crosses over the shoulder blades of the back and at the thickest portion of the chest, usually across the breast area. Suits are usually sized according to this measurement, so if the gentleman has a 40-inch chest measurement, he will wear a size 40 suit
  • Measure the arm length. This is accomplished by having the gentleman lower the arm to his side and cup his fingers into a light grip. Measure from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers in the grip position. Pre-tailored suits are usually sold as shorts, longs, and regulars. The arm measurement helps to determine which of these three designations will be most appropriate for the jacket
  • Measure the waist for the pants. Be sure to measure at the waist position that the gentleman normally wears the pants. In general, the waist size on a pre-made suit will be six inches less than the chest measurement. Knowing the actual waist size in advance will provide some idea of how much tailoring needs to be done in order to make the pants a perfect fit around the waist
  • Finally, measure the legs for the pants. Many pre-made suits do not come with a finished hem, which makes it possible to alter the pants to fit the height of the buyer. First, take the outside leg measurement by beginning at the waist and measuring to the area just above the heel. For the inside leg measurement, begin at the crotch and measure to the ankle bone. These two figures should result in a hem that will break properly over the top of the shoes without puddling
  • Try on the suit jacket and pants and make sure the measurements are accurate

 Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Jacket Suit