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Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap


Faux fur wrap is an ideal accessory for a winter wedding for brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and all formal occasions. This is a beautiful faux fur wrap which is fully lined. The wedding wrap is made of excellent quality material, ...
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  • The faux fur wrap is designed in detail with short sleeve
  • Feature beautiful elegant embellishments
  • The wedding wrap is in soft light color and a bolero jacket wrap style
  • The faux fur wrap is light, very soft, flowing, luxurious and elegant
  • Great faux fur wrap for all seasons, perfect for a wedding or any other special occasion
  • This short sleeve wrap would be great as a bridesmaid or mother of the bride vintage wedding accessory
  • Material: Faux Fur


Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

  • A first look at the jacket wrap, availabe for a few colors

Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

  • Wearing this soft wedding wrap and showing your best style in a wedding party

Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

Excellent2u Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap

  • The wrap's different details show up this wrap's exquisite and elegant features

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How to Care for Faux Fur:

  • Protect the faux fur from rain and snow. Water can destroy the lining and damage the synthetic fibers
  • Brush the faux fur properly. Use a soft-bristled clothing brush to remove debris and smooth the fabric
  • Use an approved cleaning solution. Purchasing solutions specially designed to clean faux fur reduces the possibility of fabric damage
  • Store the faux fur in a dry place
  • Get periodic professional cleanings. Taking your faux fur for a full cleaning every season can keep it looking its best

Maintenance Method:

  • Keep away from damp and heat. Sunlight and humid are enemies of fur. Thus when placing the fur, the fur shall not be directly exposed to sunlight shall be avoided, and shall be free of hot and humid place. It would be best for the room temperature to be 15 degrees
  • Correct hanging. Use a hanger with shoulder pads to hang the fur, instead of a steel wire one, in case of fur damage or deformation
  • Good air permeability. When storing the fur, high air permeability is required; plastic bags are not allowed. Loose cloth bags can be used to cover the fur, in case of dust, when necessary
  • Keep off chemicals. When wearing the fur, fragrant or hair spray shall be avoided, as alcohol content in chemicals of these products will dry the fur
  • If the fur is carelessly wet, do not try to dry it with a hair dryer, as the fur can not be heated. You just need to hang the wet fur in a dry place and naturally dry it
  • No washing by machine. Softly hand washing

Types of Fur Wraps:

Fur may be a controversial part of fashion, nevertheless, wraps, coats and accents made out of fur have had a role in chic fashion for centuries. While most fur wraps share the same long, rectangular shape, what most sets one apart from another is its fur type. All of the fur types used in wraps can now be simulated with man-made products and look just a beautiful and luxurious as the real thing, but the simulated wraps are cruelty free and usually cost less, too


  • The fox fur wrap or stole has long been a mainstay in wealthy women's closets. The majority of fox fur comes from fox farms, rather than from hunting in the wild. Fox fur is particularly notable for its wide variety of natural colors. Natural fox fur comes in silvers, grays, reds, browns, blacks and whites. Besides wraps, fox fur is very popular for trimming and accents


  • If there is one type of fur that beats out fox as the most widely coveted status symbol, it is definitely mink. Mink shoulder wraps may have hit their heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, but many women still buy them today. These soft and luxurious fur wraps often maintain the body shape of the natural mink, and usually still have the paws and head attached. Mink comes in many natural colors and though the female pelts are slightly smaller than the male pelts, both are used for wraps


  • Muskrats are native to North America. This animal's fur is popular for wraps both because of its natural color and its ability to hold dye. The natural brown and gray tones of the muskrat work well for winter outwear; the ease of dying the slightly coarse muskrat fur makes it possible to own a fur wrap in any color, from purple to green


  • Russian sable is one of the most expensive furs in the world, which makes a sable wrap a highly coveted clothing accessory. Famously silky, soft and luxurious, its color is a luxurious brown, with a silver sheen. The more silver that is present in the coloring, the more it is worth in the fur market

Package Included:

  • 1 x Wedding Bride Faux Fur Short Sleeve Jacket Wrap