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Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans


If you are looking for men jeans for yourself, you have come to the right place. As we know, a pair of jeans can show your good taste. Our designer jeans are just designed to meet your needs like this. You will love these excellent and cool jeans at ...
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  • The men jeans are made of high quality denim material, which is sturdy and durable for long time use
  • The delicate design of the men jeans can show your good taste
  • Exquisite details and fine design make the designer jeans fashionable and outstanding
  • The stylish and well-designed jeans make you popular and outstanding in the crowd
  • The cool jeans always meets people's taste and brings them convenience
  • Every detail of the men jeans is well designed and delicate, which can totally show your good taste
  • Material: Denim


Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • Wearing these jeans, you can feel the comfort that natural fabric brings

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • Stylish design of the jeans makes you unique and outstanding

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • Smooth touch of the men jeans can bring you comfortable feel when you are wearing them

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • The men jeans will surely make you look taller and slender by visual effect

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • The unique design of the men jeans has very eye-catching looking

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • The solid design is very fashionable and you will be quite cool when wearing the jeans

How to Measure:

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

Size in Detail:


Waist Circumference


































  • These dimensions are for reference only
  • Specific dimension varies from person to person 

How to Wash Jeans:

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

Extend the life of your jeans, keep them from fading, and keep them from shrinking when you follow these easy how to steps. Washing your jeans this way will take a little longer than simply tossing them in the washer and dryer, but the long-lasting benefits will be your reward. Plus, if you're paying designer prices for your denim, you'll want to learn the proper way to wash jeans.

  • Step One: Prepare your jeans for washing by emptying the pockets and turning the jeans inside out
  • Step Two: Set your washing machine to a cold temperature and the gentle or hand wash cycle. Fill the machine with water and use the recommended amount of Woolies
  • Step Three: Once the machine has pre-filled with water, add your jeans to the wash
  • Step Four: Once the washing machine cycle has finished, promptly remove your jeans. Turn them right side out, and hang them by the waist with a two clip pant hanger
  • Step Five: Hang your jeans out of direct sunlight and let them air dry. Drying time will vary by depending on the climate in which you live, the current air temperature and humidity. To be on the safe side, plan on letting your jeans dry for at least a day and a half

How to Fix a Hole in Jeans

Warcc Cool Slim Low Waist Long Men Jeans

  • Don't throw away those comfy jeans just because they make a ripping sound every time you move. You can probably preserve your modesty with a strategically placed patch
  • Head to a fabric store to buy an iron-on patch large enough to cover the hole. With scissors, trim the patch so that it is about 1/2 inch (12 mm) larger than the hole in every direction
  • Center the patch over the hole and pin it in place
  • Using an iron, press the patch onto the jeans according to the instructions on the package
  • Thread a needle with strong thread and tie a knot
  • To reinforce the patch, fold the jeans level with one edge of the patch, and whipstitch the edge of the patch to the jeans, making about 10 stitches per inch (2.5 cm). Pull the needle up through both layers of fabric, the jeans and the patch, with the needle at a slant, just a few threads from the edge. Loop the needle over the top of the edge to the back side of the jeans 
  • When you reach the corner, refold the jeans and continue stitching the next side until all sides are stitched (see B)
  • Tie a small knot on the inside of the jeans. Snip off the extra thread, close to the knot you just made

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Jeans