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ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts


Do you want to be more stylish? If you do, you have got the right place! This Cotton Jumpsuits can meet your need.This cotton jumpsuits makes you keep up with the stream of fashion. Made of high quality material, this special women jumpsuits wil...
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  • Single breasted design of the cotton jumpsuits can create an eye-catching to you
  • Short sleeve design of the women jumpsuits is on the top
  • Women jumpsuits can make you more beautiful
  • Create an eye-catching with women jumpsuits
  • This women jumpsuits is a pretty Cotton jumpsuits that is very special
  • You will be more stylish with this short sleeve jumpsuits
  • A perfect gift for ladies 
  • Material: Cotton


ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts

ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts

  • High quality Cotton jumpsuits. This women jumpsuits is a pretty Cotton jumpsuits that is very special

ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts

  • The back view to this jumpsuits. Short sleeve design of the women jumpsuits is on the top

ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts

  • Single breasted design to this jumpsuits. Single breasted design of the cotton jumpsuits can create an eye-catching to you

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How to Make a Slipknot Jumpsuit:

  • Buy a painter's jumpsuit. There are disposable coveralls available that are inexpensive and are usually white in color. They are made of a very light, breathable fabric and you can get them online or at paint store in your area. Another option is to buy a Dickie's brand painter's coverall. This is a more expensive, but higher-quality jumpsuit made of cotton made for professional painters. They are also available online at the official Dickie's website
  • Dye the jumpsuit dark gray or black. The Slipknot jumpsuits are dark in color, almost black, and can vary to a degree. They have some that are black and others that are a dark, charcoal gray, so dye it whatever color you wish within this range. Place the jumpsuit into the sink and add black dye. The amount of time you leave it in the dye will dictate the depth of color
  • Attach patches to sleeves the jumpsuit. Slipknot has used different styles of jumpsuits on different tours that relate to the theme of the album. Place "666" patches on the sleeves of the jumpsuit as well as official Slipknot patches that are available at music apparel stores online. The goat symbol from the Iowa album would make a great sleeve patch for your jumpsuit. A bar code UPC symbol patch would also be good as this is one of their identifying symbols
  • Create an arm band for the jumpsuit. Slipknot has been known to wear red arm bands with their symbol on them, which is the tribal S. You can create a stencil by using card stock, a razor and a picture to trace the symbol out. then, simply spray paint it onto a red piece of fabric to create an arm band for your jumpsuit
  • Place patches on the breast-pocket area. Most of the more recent Slipknot jumpsuits have symbols in this area raging from the tribal-S logo to the Iowa-style goat. Be creative and add a bar code to this area, but keep it simple to not clutter the front of the jumpsuit

How to Select a Women's Jumpsuit:

ELYL Single Breasted Short Sleeve Women Jumpsuits Shorts

  • Determine how you want to use your jumpsuit. Utilitarian jumpsuits, like those worn to work on cars, to go skydiving or for snow skiing, are designed specifically for those purposes and are available through specialty retailers. Fashionable jumpsuits are usually cut to accentuate a woman's body and are not made to stand up to abuse
  • Select a color for your jumpsuit. Fashionable jumpsuits are available in a variety of colors and patterns, but basic black is probably the most popular choice. Since many jumpsuits cling to the body, many women prefer them in black to minimize any figure flaws
  • Choose a fabric for your jumpsuit. Jersey, polyester blend, silk and denim are common fabrics for jumpsuits. Different materials hug women's curves in different ways, and some are more flattering than others towards lumps and bumps
  • Determine how much you want to spend. Depending on the maker and the designer, there is a wide range of prices for jumpsuits. On the cheaper end of the spectrum, the jumpsuits are usually made from synthetic fabrics and may not be sewn to last
  • Try on women's jumpsuits for fit. Your sizing in jumpsuits may not match your sizing in other clothing, so it's important to see the garment on you or shop from online retailers that have liberal return policies
  • Check the length of the pants. Since jumpsuits are one-piece garments, the length in the legs won't fit all proportions. Select jumpsuits with legs that are either just right or too long, so they can be hemmed to fit
  • Sit down in the jumpsuit to make sure it has enough give in the cut and the fabric. A jumpsuit might look fabulous when standing up, but it might be entirely too tight when sitting. Also, an ill-fitted jumpsuit might bunch up when you sit in it

Package Included:

  • 1 x Women Jumpsuits Shorts