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Cute Cartoon Easy Flyer Doraemon Kite


The practical kite features zero percent frustration and one hundred percent fun. Simple assembly and no-hassle flying make these beauties the easiest kites to fly. With many designs to choose from, you're sure to find just the right easy fly kite to...
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  • This kite is designed to withstand many different wind conditions, and still stay strong in the sky
  • Easy assembly and no-hassle flying
  • This stylish cartoon kite is very easy to fly and assemble
  • People love their appeal beyond the trip to the beach, park, or play ground
  • It has a pretty tail which help stabilized the kite, and it does not required a lot of wind to fly
  • It is 100% hand made sewn kite, with emphasis on small details
  • Its special long tail makes it a cinch to launch and a delight to fly, even in gusty winds single line kite, easy to assemble, easy to fly
  • Material: Fabric & Glass 
  • Color: Green & Blue
  • Size: 120 x 60cm/47.2 x 23.6in (L x W)


Cute Cartoon Easy Flyer Doraemon Kite

  • Doraemon pattern in the sky is pretty and interesting 

How to Launch Your Single Line Kite:

Cute Cartoon Easy Flyer Doraemon Kite

  • Figure 1: If the wind is lighter, take the kite about 50 feet downwind and stand it on end, or have a friend take it out and hold it for you (see illustration). As the kite catches the wind pull in line hand over hand with long steady pulls. When the kite becomes airborne relax the tension on your line. The kite will glide downwind. Allow the kite all the line it needs to glide unimpeded. As the kite nears the ground, again give a series of long steady pulls on the line to regain altitude

Cute Cartoon Easy Flyer Doraemon Kite

  • Figure 2: Make sure wind conditions are proper for your kite. In fairly strong winds, you will be able to launch the kite from your hand. Hold the kite up until it catches the wind, then slowly let out the line through your gloved hand, giving gentle tugs as the kite gains altitude

Package Included:

  • 1 x Kite