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Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager


Are you feeling very tired after hours of working? You should have a personal electric massager. This electric massager can be used to massage your back, arms, legs, foot, neck, shoulder and waist etc. It can help your blood circulation and metabolis...
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  • Streamline dynamic surface reflects fashion, luxury and quality
  • This kneading massager can help you keep good blood circulation and metabolism
  • Electric massager can eliminate your pain and give you an authentic kneading massage
  • This infrared massager is based on the ancient principles of acupressure
  • You can put this electric massager in your home or office or in your car
  • This electric massager is a great gift for your friend
  • Configuration: 12V Cigarette Lighter & Transformer


Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

  • The dynamic surface of this massager reflects fashion and luxury

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

  • You can take this kneading massager to most places and enjoy the massage everywhere

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

  • Applicable to neck, shoulder, waist, back, arms, thighs, and shank parts, with super long massage function

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

  • This electric massager can ease your pain caused by long time work or study

How to Best Use Personal Massagers?

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

  • Having a personal massager can help you save money in times when you may not be able to spend as much on luxuries like going to a spa or hiring a masseuse. Personal massagers have many uses besides the obvious. Getting the most out of your piece of equipment can yield surprisingly positive results.
  • Stimulate circulation. Deep tissue massage can warm up your muscles, increasing blood flow to the massaged area. To do this, you can use a manual, hand-held massager or an electric massager. Use a firm hand to penetrate to deeper muscle fibers, but be careful not to press down so hard that you cause pain
  • Decrease illness. Using massagers after workouts or when muscles are sore helps to stimulate the immune system. This can help avoid sickness. During the massaging process, blood flows more easily through veins allowing more oxygen and repair cells to reach the muscle
  • Give someone else a massage. People often have a difficult time reaching every spot on their body that they want to massage. Massaging others with personal massagers can help them get a more thorough massage. This is especially true for pesky spots in the center of the back. You may be able to convince them to reciprocate and give you a massage while you rest
  • Reduce your stress. Personal massagers have been shown to temporarily reduce blood pressure during use. Don't be afraid to add soothing massage oils to your skin, as their fragrance can also relax you further
  • Get a little risqué. Placing an electric massager on a low vibrating setting can help to arouse your partner sensually. Enjoying your merchandise by yourself is not off limits, either. You may be too embarrassed to go to adult shops to purchase toys to enhance sexual experience. This provides a covert way to introduce something new to your partner. Ensure that your massager will not snag on any of your body parts as this can cause pain or injury, or ruin the mood

Electric Massage Gifts:

Health Care Infrared Kneading Electric Massager

Electric massage gifts are suitable for someone who is feeling stressed, as they can often provide some form of relief. Massage has a myriad of benefits, according to Massage Therapy. These take the form of relieving lower back pain, easing the dependence on medication, and even improving the condition of your skin

Electric Massage Chair

  • An electric massage chair can help relax your entire body. Enjoy this restorative benefit at home without needing to hire a masseuse. An electric massage chair provides a powerful, kneading massage that helps relieve tension by loosening and relaxing your muscles.

Electric Foot Massager

  • If your feet are tired, try an electric foot massager. An electric foot massager uses kneading air pressure. The massager's nodes roll beneath your feet, soothing and invigorating your tired foot muscles. The kneading air pressure of this device will help remove tightness on the tops of your feet and on your ankles.

Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

  • An electric neck and shoulder massager is shaped to reach difficult and oddly-shaped locations on your body. It is specially designed to wrap around your shoulders. It's handles allow you to easily move it either up or down your neck and shoulder area. In addition, it permits you to release heat to your neck and shoulder area with the push of a button. The heat is designed to penetrate your muscles, relieving tension and pain.

Electric Percussion Massager

  • An electric percussion massager is a hand-held device that features acupressure nodes to offer your body relaxation. This massager soothes and relaxes tension in your body. An electric percussion massager is capable of reaching down into your deep tissues and muscles relieve tension and help you cope with stress. Acupressure helps rid you of long-lasting effects from pain, whereas regular massage only gives temporary relief. The acupressure nodes have the effect of applying pressure to particular pressure points on your body. This device can also be customized to target only the worst areas of tension

Package Included:

  • 1 x Massager
  • 1 x Car Cigarette Lighter
  • 1 x Family Converter