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Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad


The kneepad is designed to be light and breathable, but offer maximum protection from impact to the knee. Contour design provides proper fit and comfort. The hollow design in center front allows for strengthening the stability and supper support for ...
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  • Contour design provides proper fit and comfort
  • This Functional Adjustable Kneepad is designed to be light and breathable
  • Offer maximum protection from impact
  • Hollow design of the Functional Adjustable Kneepad in center front for strengthening the stability and supper support for the patella
  • Great flexibility and less moisture build-up
  • Adjustable design is suit for most of people
  • Additional bendable spring-stay around the knee will strengthen both sides' ligaments
  • Coming with single kneepad in free size
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Black  


Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad

  • Non-binding brace wraps and fastens securely for maximum support and comfort

Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad

  • The Functional Adjustable Kneepad supports created to stabilize your injured kneecap and injured knee muscles

Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad

  • This Protector Adjustable Kneepad assures you a better grip on your leg and it is also easy to use

Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad

  • Made of Neoprene firm nylon than compress your knee without increasing the pain
  • The ergonomic design of knee pad, open patella eliminates discomfort while walking


  • Openly designed, this product is degree of tightness could adjusted very easily. it is effective to protect the loin muscles from hurt. used in gymnastic body building exercises
  • Support and pressurize the main parts of the body and remove unnecessary pressure on the parts around to make wearing more comfortable
  • New and innovative design, a good fit to human body, soft, elastic, and giving flexible support with different tightness
  • Unique material, no allergic effect on skin

Warm Therapy:

  • Many coaches and doctors use the warm therapy for injured joints and muscles, and the waist support is made of neoprene, and it has several advantages of nontoxic, keep warming, anti-acid and so on
  • It can tightly attach the parts of body where you want to treat and relieve the pain

Functional Patella Protector Adjustable Kneepad 

How to Choose a Knee Pad:

  • The best knee pads have found are those made for roofers. Of all the building trades, those would shingle roofs for a living are likely on their knees the most. And a typical composition shingle roof is a lot like sandpaper so roofers need knee pads that are comfortable and last
  • They have a single wide strap made from neoprene, fastening with Velcro. They are easy to put on and adjust and stay there pretty well until I take them off
  • You can also get construction knee pads with hard plastic outer surfaces and rely on gel inserts for padding
  • You might think this would be the ultimate design for durability which may indeed be true, but consider that you'd need a lot of gel in those inserts to be comfortable for extended use

Package Included:

  • 1 x Kneepad