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Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

Do you want special Ceramic Figurine home decor for your house? Here the Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine can satisfy you.What a darling idea! The Beautiful Lady & Doggy Doll Figurine is sure to be the perfect ad...
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  • Add a decorative accent anywhere in your home with this beautiful collectible ceramic lady & doggy sculpture
  • It has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere
  • Enjoy this true to life artistic creation which accurately captures our delicate emotions, joys and experiences
  • Add this beautiful figurine to your collection
  • It makes a great gift for anyone
  • Size: 29 x 13cm / 11.41 x 5.11in(H x Dia.)
  • Material: Ceramic 


Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

  • The contemporary Beautiful Lady & Doggy Doll Figurine will add a playful yet stylish touch to your home decor

Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

  • The precious ceramic figurine is sure to draw a second glance from onlookers

Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine
Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

  • Because of the Ceramic and composite construction, Beautiful Lady & Doggy Home Decor Figurine could be placed outside in a garden, patio area as well as displayed indoors

How to Repair a Broken Ceramic Figurine?

Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

You will learn how simple household items can repair broken ceramic pieces, from a favorite figurine or to a broken ceramic plate. By using simple items, you have on hand at home, to do the repair. This can be done easily, with little nail polish and time to let the polish set.


  • Gather all items that need to be repaired, put all supplies together which consists of: clear nail polish and one large rubber band
  • Now, you are ready to start the repair of your favorite figurine or any broken ceramic piece that needs to be repaired, this will astonish you how easily this process works
  • Coat broken ceramic piece with clear nail polish, put a generous amount to ensure enough polish is applied, each layer of nail polish creates more adhesive which allows the ceramic pieces to be repaired. Once all coats are coated on both ends of the piece, stick the two piece together
  • Take the big rubber band, wrap the rubber band, around several times,
  • until the two ceramic piece are put together, this will create a vice, for the figurine, to set in place. Leave on for 24 hours to let polish set, remove and your figurine is fully repaired

Tips & Warnings:

Home Decor Beautiful Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine

  • This is a valuable tip on how to repair your favorite broken ceramic figurine

How Do I Identify a Ceramic Figurine?

Figurines will usually have a maker's mark printed or stamped in a discreet location. Usually found on the base of the work, the maker's mark or stamp is the ceramic equivalent of an artist's signature on a painting. Once you locate the maker's mark, you can discover who made your ceramic figurine in one of several ways. Depending on the maker, identifying a mark should be possible with a little research.


  • Search the figurine for the maker's mark. This is usually located on the underside of the piece or on the bottom part of the figurine used to make it stand up. The mark can sometimes be quite small and may require a magnifying glass to be accurately viewed. Some marks come in the form of a stamp, while others may be a word or name of the manufacturer
  • Go to your local library or book store to find books of maker's marks. Use the book to try to identify the mark on the bottom of the figurine. Take a photograph of the mark and surrounding area and bring it with you, instead of the figurine itself
  • Searchthe Internet. Type a description of the maker's mark into a search engine and look up both text and images. For example, the Royal Doulton mark profiling a lion's head could be searched as "Lion's head maker's mark."
  • Take the photograph of the maker's mark to an expert on antiques. That person should have access to detailed records and knowledge to help identify the maker of the piece. In some cases, he or she may be able to identify the piece by sight alone

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lady & Doggy Porcelain Figurine