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BaiYuYi 1/4" Color CMOS OV7950 170° Wide Angle Car Rear View Camera for LAND CRUISER Series HL-5808


Worrying about trade secret stolen by competitor? Worrying about your property in your car stolen by thief? If you are looking for a high quality car camera, we strongly recommend you this car camera.It is very necessary for you to ins...
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  • IP Rating: IP66
  • TV Lines: 420 TV Lines
  • Sensor: 1/4in color CMOS
  • System: NTSC
  • Numbers of Pixels: 580 x 492
  • Lens Angle: 170°
  • Operating Temperature: -25℃~+75 ℃
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.2 LUX
  • Compatible with: LAND CRUISER Series


  • Mounting lamp instead of lighting facilities
  • With distance label
  • This is essential because the driver and the car camera are in opposite positions
  • The surveillance camera usually does permit the camera to view a continuous horizontal view from one corner, behind the car, to another
  • The wired camera comes with great effect
  • The rear view car camera display is usually wired to automatically sense when the transmission is set in reverse, and it shows the rear view while the car is in reverse


BaiYuYi 1/4

  • The rear-view car camera usually does permit the camera to view a continuous horizontal view from one corner, behind the car

BaiYuYi 1/4

BaiYuYi 1/4

  • Rear-view camera is also generally mounted at a downward angle

BaiYuYi 1/4

BaiYuYi 1/4

  • Rear-view cameras are especially useful in tight parking lots

How to Install a Rear-View Camera in Your Car:

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  • Disconnect the battery cables from the battery. Check the vehicle's repair manual to find out what size wrench to use. Leave the disconnected cables a safe distance from the battery posts
  • Decide where you want to install the rear-view camera. Most people put them in the plastic bumper so they don't have to drill into the car's sheet metal
  • Drill a hole for the camera. Check the installation instructions to see what size drill bit to use. Don't make the hole too large or the camera will fall out
  • Place the camera in the hole using the rubber grommet supplied with the camera. Make sure the camera and grommet are tight
  • Attach the camera's power wire to the backup-light power wire on your car. You'll have to splice the wires together. Use wire cutters to cut the wires, leaving enough excess wire to reconnect. Strip the ends of the wire to expose the bare wire using wire strippers. Splice the wires together using a two-into-one connector. This will give the rear-view camera power when you put the car in reverse
  • Route the camera's output wire to the rear-view monitor and connect the wire to the monitor's input. For installation of the monitor, see the monitor's installation instructions
  • Reconnect the battery, start the car and put the car in reverse. The rear-view monitor should turn on and give you a view of what's behind you

How to Install Car Security Systems:

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  • Go to the local market where you get all the accessories for your car and look for car alarms. Car security alarms usually include parts like siren, motion sensors, universal lock, glass-break sensors, auto lock, etc
  • Gather necessary materials like drill, screws and screwdrivers, duct tape, solder, testing bulb, etc
  • Place the car alarm siren on top of a solid metal surface and then drill a hole to pass the wires coming out of the siren into the compartment area of the car.
  • The next thing will be to power up the siren; this can be done by connecting the siren wires to the car battery
  • Place a fuse on the power cable close to the battery. The size of the fuse may vary; refer to the installation manual
  • Install the shock sensor as shown in the installation manual. The best place to install it can be under the dash. It will help in detecting the front and rear shocks equally
  • Place the LED indicators on the dash by drilling a hole on it, passing the LED cables through the opening and putting the two-sided mounting tape at the backside of the indicator and then positioning on top of the hole created on the dash
  • Install other security accessories such as auto lock, door lock, window lock, etc and then test the performance of the clock

How to Install a Camera on Your Car:

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  • Attach the display panel to the dashboard using the supplied hook and loop tape. The kit comes with an alcohol pad that you should use to wipe the spot you're attaching the tape. Don't skip this part--heat and vibration make cars an unforgiving environment for hook and loop tape, so the tape needs all the help it can get. Insert the power cable into the cigarette lighter receptacle
  • Identify a convenient hole to run the cable between the camera and the interior of the car. The license plate frame light is a good call---you'll use the license plate bolts to hold the camera in place anyway. Run the wires into the car and along to the rear lighting housing
  • Take the license plate bolts off the car and remove the license plate. Insert the bolts through the camera bolt holes, through the license plate and replace the bolts, along with the now-attached camera and license plates, onto the car
  • Strip about 1/4 inch off the two cables that run into the reversing light. Make the incision in a convenient, easily accessible spot. Match the colors and wrap the ends of the camera cables around your new bare patches on the reversing light cables and seal with tape
  • Test by placing the car in reverse and viewing the monitor

Package Included:

  • 1 x Car Rear View Camera for LAND CRUISER Series
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Positive - Negative Power Connection Cable