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Amazon Fishing Accessories Handle Landing Net


When you need a little help pulling in the big catch, reach for the fish-landing net. Thanks to a carefully controlled dipping treatment, the landing net fights tangles and hook snags while remaining supple and responsive. Take it home now! You will ...
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  • Multi-laminate materials construction offers years of durable performance
  • Special carbon finish protects against corrosion in both fresh and saltwater
  • Easy to use
  • A special coating encapsulates each strand and knot, eliminating fraying
  • Offers durable strength and incredible lightweight performance
  • Suitable for 50-2000 grams of fish
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Size: 210cm / 82.7in(Total Length); 35cm / 13.8in(Net Head Dia.)


Amazon Fishing Accessories Handle Landing Net

  • Fishing Accessories Handle Landing Net

How to Make a Fish Landing Net:

  • Cut away the the strings from the tennis racket with your knife. Remove all of the strings and free the holes in the perimeter of the head of the racket
  • Tie one of the basketball net to the head of the racket with the nylon cord. Tie a piece of nylon cord through every hole in the head of the racket and attach the cord to the net in a double knot
  • Tie the second basketball net to the first with pieces of your nylon cord. Tie the bottom of the second net closed with your cord

Fishing Net Tools:

Landing Nets

  • Landing fishing nets are used to capture a fish once the angler has reeled it to the surface using a pole, hook and line. These typically have a long handle and a flattened cone-shaped net on one end. Landing nets used for salmon and other large fish have metal frames and handles. Short handled varieties are available for netting trout. These are easier to carry and maneuver when fly fishing in the middle of a river. A landing net also keeps the fish contained while you remove the hook safely from its mouth.

Casting Nets

  • Casting nets sometimes are used to catch smaller fish to be used as bait. This is a common occurrence at fishing tournaments. Participating boats will anchor in a spot known for finding bait fish and throw, or hand cast, the nets over the side. A typical casting net is circular, ten feet wide, has 5/8-inch mesh and is ringed with lead sinkers to help it drop rapidly over the school of bait fish. Casting nets may be tossed out by one person, but pulling the filled nets in is another matter. The net may weigh about 15 pounds going out, but once filled with water and fish, the weight can easily exceed 100 pounds.

Stationary Lift Nets

  • Stationary lift nets are devices installed along the shoreline of a river, lake or ocean, and eliminate the need for a boat. The net has a frame of metal or wood bars that keep the netting mesh horizontal. A winch, attached to a platform and operated either manually or by some sort of motor, lowers the net into the water. Sometimes bait is used to attract fish. At night, strong lights also bring fish closer to the surface. After an interval, the net is quickly winched up, scooping up whatever fish happen to be within the net's mesh.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Dip Net Handle
  • 1 x Net Head