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Unisc Portable Laser Edge Level Straight Guided Leveler


This Mini Laser Level is perfect for installing ceiling tile, aligning shelves, hanging pictures, installing flooring and much more! Especially useful when working on steel stud framework and duct work. The Mini Laser Level, projects a perf...
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  • The Mini Laser Level, projects a perfectly straight line in any surface
  • For stall shelves, hang pictures, decorate your home
  • Projects a 50ft. line
  • Leaves no marks behind
  • This Mini Laser Level is with reusable adhesive, Adheres to any surface
  • Built-in level bubbles of this Mini Laser Level
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Housing Material: Plastic
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.55" per 30 feet (+/- 1.4mm per meter)
  • Laser Wavelength: 625~670nm
  • Dimension: 123 x 40 x 63mm / 4.84 x 1.58 x 2.48in(L x W x H)


Unisc Portable Laser Edge Level Straight Guided Leveler

  • The Laser Leveler, projects a perfectly straight line in any surface

Unisc Portable Laser Edge Level Straight Guided Leveler

  • This Cross Line Laser Level is for stall shelves, hang pictures, decorate your home

Do Rotating Laser Levels Wear Out From Continuous Use?

Rotating laser levels, normally used in construction applications for leveling dirt or concrete, have many moving parts that necessitate periodic maintenance. Keeping the laser in optimal condition is essential for a productive job site

Unisc Portable Laser Edge Level Straight Guided Leveler

  • Features: There are many laser manufacturers, but many of the internal parts remain the same. Typical items that wear down due to continuous use are drive belts that physically spin the laser head and the bearings holding the laser head in place
  • Time Frame: Depending on handling, a normal rotating laser level should be inspected every six to 12 months. Bearings can be lubricated and specifications of the accuracy can be ascertained at that point for proper use in the field
  • Expert Insight: By maintaining a consistent inspection schedule, job site downtime can be avoided. Drive belts that can break apart from continual use and sunlight damage can be replaced before they crack so that work does not have to be halted

How to Use a Rotating Laser Level

A rotating laser level makes a number of jobs easier and faster. Anytime you need a horizontal line drawn around a room, the rotating laser level is the tool to use. Available as a rental from home centers, the tool can be used for a few hours and returned for minimal cost compared to the purchase of a new one. Rotating laser levels are especially useful for hanging drop ceilings and installing horizontal moldings such as chair rail or picture rail

  • Mount the laser on the wall or on a tripod. Self-leveling units will automatically seek a level position, but other units must be leveled by adjusting the "bubble" on the top of the tool
  • Adjust the laser unit so that it is at the approximate height required for the project. Recheck the bubble and make adjustments if necessary
  • Put on the red laser enhancement glasses and turn on the laser. As the rotating laser unit spins and comes up to speed, you will see the red line drawn on the wall by the laser
  • Use the 4-foot level to confirm the line projected on the wall is level. If not, make adjustments to the level knobs on the rotating laser unit until the lines are level
  • Fine tune the height of the unit until the line projected is at the exact height required. Check the line on the wall again for levelness and make any final adjustments to level and height until the line is perfect
  • Using a 2- or 4-foot level as a straight edge, draw pencil lines on the walls that match the laser line, and make sure the pencil line is level. This will ensure you have a line even if the laser is temporarily blocked while you are working

Tips & Warnings

  • The rotating laser level is particularly useful for installing drop ceilings. You can use it to set the wall angle to the correct height, set the wire hangers to the correct height, and finally check that the suspended ceiling is level throughout
  • The laser beam can be damaging if the beam shines directly into the eyes. Never look directly into the laser. Small children should be kept away from the laser at all times

Package Included:

  • 1 x Portable Laser Edge Level Straight Guided Leveler