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Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18


What you are viewing is a stage laser light projector DJ equipment, which is a great entertainment tool for your birthday or Christmas to prepare such a pleasant surprise! This stage laser light projector features a mini laser stage light which emit...
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  • Model: Reke-P18
  • Laser power: Fat beam Red 500mw, Fat beam Green 100mw, Fat beam Blue 200mw
  • Laser Color: red, green and blue
  • Beam diameter: 18mmw
  • Wave length: Red 650nm, Blue 445nm, Green 532nm
  • Product Name: 800mw RGB motor laser light
  • Series: Motor laser show system
  • Power supply: 100V---120V or 220V---250V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Play Mode: Sound control, Auto, DMX
  • Laser Pattern and Effect: more than 64 laser patterns
  • Scanner: N1.8high precision stepper motor
  • Scanning Angle: plus-minus 30 degree
  • Cool system: fan
  • Stability: about 4 hour
  • Warm-up time: less than 15 minutes
  • Working temperature: between 10 degree to 35 degree
  • Net weight: 5.8kg
  • Gross weight: 6.3kg
  • Made in Asia
  • With a new revolution in laser scanner effects this Laser Light Projector RGB Full Color 800mw green Laser 532nmReke-P18 will create an unforgettable atmosphere and ambiance for your party
  • With a good design you can have the safety and also good performance when you are using this Laser Light Projector RGB Full Color 800mw green Laser 532nmReke-P18
  • This Laser Light Projector RGB Full Color 800mw green Laser 532nmReke-P18 will create an unforgettable atmosphere and ambiance for your party or event beyond description
  • The stage will looks like the celestial universe with the stars constantly evolving and morphing
  • The Laser Light Projector RGB Full Color 800mw green Laser 532nmReke-P18 will be one of your best companions who like party dance
  • This Laser Light Projector is easy to set-up and operate, fantastic gadget for home party, Christmas, DJ etc.
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Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18

  • This DJ equipment is designed according to the security and good performance, which will be safer to human and environment
  • Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18

  • The stage laser star projector is designed both for the safety and for its good performance
  • Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18

  • Made of high quality material, the stage laser star projector is durable and reliable for long time use
  • Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18

  • This stage laser star projector projector will create an unforgettable atmosphere and ambiance for your party or event beyond description

    Safety Considerations:

    Laser pointers are effective tools when used properly. The following considerations should be observed when using laser pointers:

    • Never look directly into the laser beam
    • Never point a laser beam at a person
    • Do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces
    • Never view a laser pointer using an optical instrument, such as binocular or a microscope
    • Do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the supervision of an adult

    How to Build a Scanning Laser Light Show:

    • Choose a laser array system. Most small systems run anywhere from $300-$1000 depending on all of the features that you would like. The most popular feature on these systems is the ability to have the laser react to audio cues. A small microphone built into the laser array will pick up the sound in the room and react accordingly
    • Mount the array above the stage or at the back of the venue/nightclub. Most small arrays come with an adjustable handle that has a a C-mount attached to it. The C-mount can hook on to anything that you can fit around. Once you have chosen a location, turn the locking screw on top of the mount to tighten it down to whatever object you have chosen. Luckily, these arrays are very lightweight so finding a sturdy object to mount them to is fairly simple. A speaker stand or tall microphone stand will work as well
    • Consult the manufactures instruction manual to determine the dip-switch settings for automatic "audio mode". A series of dip-switches on the rear of these units allows you to assign them to a certain channel by changing the order of the switches when using them in conjunction with a larger DMX system. Setting these dip-switches a certain way will tell the unit that it is being used automatically
    • Turn on the laser array
    • Play music in the room with the laser array and enjoy the show

    How to Set Projector Distances:

    When setting up a home theater projector (or even an old film projector), there are a number of factors to consider in determining how far the projector should be from the projection surface. The amount of ambient light in the room plays a big role in how far you can set your projector from the screen. The reflectivity of that surface is also a factor. The size of the picture you want is also something to consider, but it is limited by the light conditions, brightness, projector resolution, and the physical constraints of the theater room. Finally, it is important to consider where you want to sit in the projection room, so that you have a good viewing angle and your head doesn't block the image

    Reke 800mw RGB motor laser light Reke-P18

    • Darken your projection room to match the lighting conditions when you will do most of your viewing. That way you can optimize your setup for best picture quality during the time of day or night that you will use it most
    • Arrange your seating so that it faces the screen. Make sure the seats are in roughly the spot where you want to do your viewing
    • Mark out a rectangle on the wall with masking tape at the size that you think you want your picture to be. Sit down and see if you can easily see the entire rectangle in your field of vision. If not, you need to either move your seats farther away or make the rectangle smaller. Don't worry about aspect ratios or about the brightness of the projector at this stage of your planning. This is simply to get an idea of what the maximum comfortable image size is for your projection room
    • Determine the minimum distance you should sit from the screen based on the resolution of your projector. For a 720p projector, you want to sit about 1.5 times the screen width away so that you don't see the individual pixels, about 1.2 times the screen width for a 1080p projector. Film projectors have an even higher effective resolution, so you could theoretically sit closer without noticing the film grain. Lower resolution projectors might require a smaller screen size
    • Place your projector in the back of the room, turn it on, and move it forward until the lighted image fits the area you have marked out. If it isn't bright enough, you'll need to move it closer to the projection surface to concentrate the light. Try watching some content on the projector, to see if you're comfortable with the brightness and your distance from the screen as you've marked it out. If so, then mark that spot as the place to set projector. If not, adjust your masking tape rectangle and try a new configuration


    • The laser can be bright enough when you light it in normal temperature, so you had better not light it continually over 30 seconds
    • When not using it, please take off the battery from the laser to avoid damage
    • In some countries these laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal to own and/or use. Therefore, YOU (the customer) must accept all responsibly and liability to determine and fulfill the requirements and limitations of use or resale of these products in accordance with your country's laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also need to agree to incorporate this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can be well informed before making an purchasing decision

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Laser Projector
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Power Cable