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Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)


LED light bulbs represent the cutting edge of light bulb technology and are now available in replacement models for all uses whether at home or office. For the homeowner who wants go green and save money on their energy bills, but is sick of flickeri...
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  • Connector Type: E27
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy & Opal Glass
  • Input Voltage: AC90- 265V
  • Output Power: 12W
  • Light Source: LED
  • Conversion Efficiency: ≥ 85%
  • Brightness: 1000-1100 lumens
  • Life: 50,000 hours
  • LED Work Temperature: -25°C ~ 60°C
  • Beam Angle: 180°
  • Light Color: Warm White  


  • The 12W LED bulb contains no mercury, has a much longer life cycle, is more energy efficient and will turn on instantly
  • You do not need to wait for the bulb to warm up and reach full power
  • The 12W LED bulb is also less likely to break and is not affected by frequently being turned on or off
  • Energy star approved for energy efficiency
  • This 12W LED bulb has traditional design of this LED spotlight, which will add the warmth to your need
  • The super bright and high-power E27 warm white LED has become a very attractive option in the modern society situation
  • The warm white LED bulb is safe, stable, reliable and suitable for both residential and commercial environment, such as home, office, conference room and so on


Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

  • Unique LED control, saving over 30% power comparing to conventional LED lights.
  • Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

  • Long service life and high luminous efficiency.
  • Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

  • Suitable for showcase, residential, office, hotel, shop, exhibition room, landscaping etc.
  • How to Understand LED Lights:

    • Compare LED lighting to compact fluorescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are not as efficient as LEDs, they take longer to light up and they contain mercury. LEDs contain no toxic elements. And, according to Amber Angelle, writing for "Popular Mechanics," LEDs are one of the most promising light sources out there in terms of efficiency, longevity and reliability
    • Figure the cost benefits. LED lights are more expensive initially, but after five to 10 years, homeowners recoup the costs. As of 2010, an outdoor LED spotlight runs you about $100 compared to $7 for a regular light spotlight bulb, according an article by Elisabeth Rosenthal and Felicity Barringer in "The New York Times." But, scientific advances are happening monthly, Brian Owen, a contributor to the LED trade magazine, said in "The New York Times." These advances are sure to bring the prices down. One advance is growing LEDs on silicon wafers instead of the more expensive sapphire, like what is currently occurring
    • Contrast how much longer LED lightning lasts than incandescent bulbs. You'll find LEDs last so much longer that it changes light bulbs from cheap, disposable energy-wasters to semipermanent fixtures in your household. LED lights can last 22 years. They are, basically, an install-and-forget type of purchase. Compare LED lighting to a fluorescent bulb that might last you 3,000 hours. The LED lasts more than 100,000 hours, according to Rosenthal and Barringer. Angelle estimates that LEDs can last for 50,000 hours
    • Convert to LED lighting, and you can decrease carbon emissions from electric power lighting by up to 50 percent in 20 years, according to Rosenthal and Barringer. This type of conversion would be, perhaps, the most cost-effective approach to tackle wasted energy
    • Program the LED lighting to perform tricks. They can get brighter as someone walks under the light, or they can flicker to guide paramedics to an emergency at your house. And, because LEDs do no emit ultraviolet light, you can sit outside on your patio in the summer without LEDs attracting bugs

    The LED Bulbs Effects:

    Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

    • The LED bulbs give bright light and save money from cost utility

    Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

    • Light up your stair and reduce stumbling at night with these amazing LED bulbs

    Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

    • Power saving and long life-span LED bulbs are perfect for 24/7 constant use

    Qtafii E27 12W Warm White LED Lamps Light Globe Bulb(AC90-265V)

    • The LED bulbs for both main and moonlight illumination are possible

    Colour Temperature:

    • The photos below were taken in a dark room, without pre-setting the camera or editing the photos afterwards
    • Different colour temperatures of the LED bulbs can be seen on the trim of the terracotta pot and on the cactus
    • The first photo the object was illuminated with cool light. The cool light is the brightest
    • The second photo natural white was used, it is similar to sunlight
    • The third photo the warm white can be seen, which is similar to the color of tungsten lighting and halogen lights


    Package Included:

    • 1 x Warm White Light LED Bulb