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Tinyar Fashion Magic Temperature Control LED Shower Head


Do you like stepping into the bathroom when the water temperature is just what you want? Do you want to buy a magic LED shower head that can tell you the water temperature? If you do, then you need our fashion shower head indeed.This kind of fashion ...
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  • The color of the LED shower head will change in 3 different colors depending on the various water temperatures
  • This fashion shower head works by illuminating the water that comes out of your shower head, which will ensure your safety
  • The lights get green when it is safe to touch below 32°C, and automatically switch to blue when the water temperature gets from 33°C to 41°C. When water temperature is between 42°C and 50°C, they show red. They flash red when the temperature is above 45°CThe magic fashion shower head brings you a new level of fun and relaxation into the shower, providing the bathroom with a spa-like environment
  • It's easy and simple to install, just unscrew your current showerhead and replace it with the attractive temperature control fashion shower head
  • Automatic and instant LED lights come out when water flows down, and you will enjoy your shower every time
  • Shell Material: ABS
  • Color: Silver
  • Shower Head Diameter: 9.0cm/3.5in
  • Size: 20.0 x 4.5cm/7.9 x 1.8in(L x T)


Tinyar Fashion Magic Temperature Control LED Shower Head

  • The classical and simple design of this shower head will let you experience unforgettable shower

Tinyar Fashion Magic Temperature Control LED Shower Head

  • The LED shower head made of high-quality ABS material will fit your bathroom well and show your personal taste

Tinyar Fashion Magic Temperature Control LED Shower Head

  • It's easy and simple for you to install; just unscrew your current showerhead and replace it with the temperature control fashion shower head
  • 3 different colors can show various water temperatures, which will ensure your safety
  • The LED  shower head will give you a good mood with colorful package

Package Included:

  • 1 x Temperature Control LED Shower Head

How to Clean Shower Head:

  • Step One: Get a bowl and a bottle of white vinegar. A cheap, store brand of vinegar works fine to clean shower heads. Pour an inch or so of vinegar into a ceramic or plastic bowl
  • Step Two: Unscrew the shower head from the wall or stall fixture. The shower head will probably be full of water so be sure to drain it by holding it upside down to let the water drain into the shower stall or bathtub
  • Step Three: Soak the shower head for 10 to 15 minutes, letting the vinegar cut through the mineral deposits. Vinegar is acetic and will eat away at the mineral deposits
  • Step Four: Remove the shower head from the bowl of vinegar. Let the vinegar drain through the holes. Scrub the surface with a sponge or rag
  • Step Five: Take the bowl of vinegar to the bathroom and dip the rag into the vinegar. Wipe the shower fixture with the rag to clean it before installing the clean shower head
  • Step Six: Screw the clean shower head back in place. Run water through the shower head to unplug any minerals or calcification. Enjoy your clean shower heads

How Does a Showerhead Work:

Water Pressure and Diffusion:

  • A shower head operates in a fairly straightforward manner. Used to provide a spray or mist of water, the shower head facilitates this by reconfiguring the stream of water that comes out of the faucet. Instead of a hard jet of water or a messy, undisciplined stream, the shower head diffuses the jet of water, providing a comfortable and beneficiary water stream that is spread over a greater surface area, and can be further adjusted for added comfort. A larger amount of water pressure is also achievable thanks to shower heads, and as a result a level of water conservation is possible

Valves and Shower Head Variations:

  • The shower valve is what governs the flow of water and determines the speed and thus the strength of the stream. While many simply believe a bigger shower head is better, this is a misconception and is not necessarily the case. A large shower head may have a less powerful valve, however, it may also diffuse the water better and more comfortably. Thus, the head and valve work together to determine the characteristics of the shower head, and the combination that works best is subjective rather than objective. Low flow shower heads provide greater water pressure with minimal quantities of water thanks to its aerating abilities. Some shower heads provide only one kind of stream of water, while others can be adjusted for various streams on the fly, to suit the bather's taste. The most common kind of shower head is the fixed shower head, which cannot change its position, except to change the angle of water by repositioning the angle of the shower head. Some fixed shower heads are recessed, while other act as handsets that can be taken out of a fixed position. Further, some showers feature fixed body jets, which are smaller jets of water that have fixed positions and act to further alter the flow of water


  • Shower heads often require some level of maintenance. For instance, rubber shower heads may be subjected to hard water which contains a number of minerals that can decrease and affect the flow of the shower water. Lime scale can build up in and around the shower head and cause a number of problems. This lime scale can be fixed and cleaned by being soaked in liquids such as magnesium, while some nozzles with only a minimum amount of rubber can be cleaned without the use of such soaking liquids