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YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose


Do you want to be much thinner and more fashionable like the superstars? We are excited to recommend you this fashionable women slim elastic varicose veins footless pantyhose. The women footless pantyhose instantly shape and slim the body by flatteni...
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  • The women footless pantyhose can benefit to human metabolism, burn fat and promote blood circulation
  • Gradually sub-pressure design of the women fashion pantyhose can accelerate the burning of fat
  • The muscles consumed calories is several times than wearing general pantyhose
  • Effective mitigation or improve the pressure of lower limb veins and vein valves
  • Women footless pantyhose prevents the appearance of varicose veins
  • The women footless pantyhose can improve leg swelling, swollen and other symptoms
  • Black pantyhose fit for a long journey by car, train, plane, bus
  • Deluxe and fashion design for you to show your charming and sexy
  • One size fits most people
  • Material: Spandex & Lycra
  • Color: Black


YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • This is a varicose veins footless pantyhose which feature venous flow mechanics

YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • This women fashion pantyhose come with footless and ankle length designs

YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • The elastic waist of the women footless pantyhose will fit your waist perfectly

YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • Elastic and fine workmanship designs make you wear at ease, and it's warm and comfortable


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  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Put on Pantyhose:

YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • Wearing pantyhose is a rite of passage for young girls becoming women. But even grown women have trouble putting on these delicate undergarments. Pull too hard and the hose will tear. Pull too little and you will have "elephant" ankles from excessive material. Here are some suggestions on how to wear your pantyhose for the smoothest look possible
  • Handle the hose gently. It is easy to tear the nylon by pulling too hard or by snagging the material on a fingernail
  • Lightly apply some lotion to your legs first to make them smooth
  • Gather up one leg at a time and gently align your toes with the seams
  • Pull up the hose very gently over your leg up to your thigh, fitting it tightly. Be sure not to yank it or you will tear the hose. Repeat with the next leg
  • Stretch up both legs and the material up to its waistband. Press down to smooth any bumps that you might have and then stand up straight. The fit should be form-fitting but comfortable

How to Fold & Store Pantyhose:

YW Women Slim Elastic Varicose Veins Footless Pantyhose

  • A messy, disorganized hosiery drawer makes getting dressed more difficult, as you have to paw through tangled piles of pantyhose. Folding pantyhose and storing them neatly creates more room in your drawer, makes the pantyhose easy to find and helps protect the stockings from runs and snags

Roll Up:

  • Lay the pantyhose flat on a table or bed
  • Fold the pantyhose in two lengthwise, with one leg neatly on top of the other. Smooth the pantyhose with your hands to remove bumps, wrinkles or folds
  • Hold the toes of the stocking together and roll the pantyhose, working from the toes to the waistband
  • Store the rolled pantyhose neatly in a drawer. If you have several pairs, place the rolls in rows or sections
  • Group the pantyhose by color or style if you wear a variety of different pantyhose. If desired, place each group in a separate, clear plastic bag

In the Package:

  • Save the package every time you purchase a new pair of pantyhose. Don't tear the package but, instead, cut the top carefully with scissors
  • Fold the pantyhose neatly over the cardboard every time you wash or wear the pantyhose
  • Return the cardboard and pantyhose to the package
  • Write pertinent details on the package, using a marker. For example, list the date you purchased the pantyhose. Note whether the pantyhose have a small run or snag so you'll remember to save that pair for emergencies only
  • Store the package neatly in a drawer. To store several pairs, stack the packages in neat piles. You can also arrange pantyhose by color or style and use large rubber bands or clear plastic bags to keep groups of packages together

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Footless Pantyhose