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Dear-Lover Tight Hollow Stripe Women Legging


Do you want to be much thinner and more fashionable like the superstars? We are excited to recommend you these fashionable tight legging.This Tight Hollow Stripe Women Legging is made of high quality material. It is designed with this stretch materia...
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  • The material of this women tight legging has a good elasticity
  • The stripe and hollow design makes this women tight legging unique
  • This women tight legging can match with the other clothes easily
  • This stripe legging is made of high quality stretch material for easy comfort and style
  • This hollow legging can give you a chic and elegant look
  • You would be more pretty and lovely with the tight legging of this kind
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black


Dear-Lover Tight Hollow Stripe Women Legging

  • The hollow design of this legging. The stripe and hollow design makes this women tight legging unique

Dear-Lover Tight Hollow Stripe Women Legging

  • You will be sexy and fashion with this legging. The material of this women tight legging has a good elasticity

Dear-Lover Tight Hollow Stripe Women Legging

  • This high quality stripe legging is made of high quality stretch material for easy comfort and style

How to Wear Leggings:

  • Buy a variety of leggings to change the look of your clothes. You can find them today in black, colors, textures and patterns
  • Choose black leggings to wear with long sweaters and dresses
  • Add some color to a black dress or top with brightly-colored leggings
  • Make a short skirt work in the fall or winter with leggings in a coordinating color
  • Look leaner by matching your leggings with your clothes
  • Update a classic or conservative dress with leggings to give it more of an edge
  • Add a long cardigan with leggings and a fitted shirt for the comfort of a sweat suit but with a much higher style quota
  • Realize you can wear leggings as an alternative to pants or substitute them for tights. Use your imagination to make them work with your wardrobe and your lifestyle

How to Buy Leggings:

  • Consider the purpose you are using the leggings for. If you are looking for leggings for style purposes only, as opposed to a functional purpose, like staying warm, then you may be looking at different types, fabrics and styles
  • Decide on the style, colors, fabrics and textures you want. There are thin tights, which can be worn similar to nylons, thicker leggings which are more like a stretchy pant; and the leg warmer style that is often the thickest and can be worn over or under clothing
  • Try on the style of leggings you are interested in. Explore the different ways to wear leggings to find the best look for you and your body such as layering them under a tunic or dress. This is a hit look and great for summer nights. If you wear a dress, throw some leggings in your bag for a quick warm up and elegant look
  • Explore the different types of fabrics that leggings are offered in. These include cotton, spandex, wool, and velvet. Also, consider the different lengths for different looks, like a great tunic with mid-calf leggings and a gorgeous pair of heels

How to Dress With a pair of Leggings:

  • Leggings come in two different lengths: capri and ankle. The hottest style right now are the ankle length leggings. They are also the most flattering on
  • If you haven't tried wearing leggings yet, you should start with purchasing eithier a black pair or brown.
  • When pairing a top with leggings..this step is very important. "Make sure the top passes your hips." They are not pants, so make sure your butt and front end is covered. If your top is too short...save the outfit for the gym.
  • The best tops are tunics. Make sure they don't go longer than your middle part of your thigh
  • Leggings look best with flat shoes. Ballerina style flats. Another great choice especially in the winter months, would be a long black tunic, with black leggings and boots. Very classy and easy to wear
  • If you are petite, wearing all the same color is best for you. It won't cut you off and it gives a straight long line.
  • Whatever color you choose on the leggings, make sure that color is also in your top somewhere
  • If you like to wear something tight on top...the only thing you should consider is a tight dress, such as a jersey knit. This looks great with a belt, leggings and boots
  • I hope these tips helped out with your comfort zone. Feel confident with yourself and you can wear anything. Try them out while the trend is here, as we all know fashion styles come and go and come back around again. You may surprise yourself with comfort and fashion all at the same time

Package Included:

  • 1 x Legging