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POPHOMME Leisure Sports Pockets Cropped Trousers Men


This men shorts is very comfortable to wear and touch with the high quality material which is fashion and handsome. Unique design makes you wear nice and cool with this stylish men shorts. The soft coat is very comfortable to wear and touch. This men...
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  • You can wear the men shorts  in different kinds of occasions
  • Stay at the forefront of style with this fine detail and fashion design mens shorts
  • The Cotton Men Shorts will give you soft hand and comfortable feel
  • You'll love this shorts for its freedom of movement and soft comfort
  • The Cotton Men Shorts can be match with a variety of clothing
  • Cut to fit and super versatile, the mens shorts are sure to become an all-time fave
  • Made of high quality material, breathable, durable and comfortable
  • This Cotton Men Shorts will become a staple in your wardrobe
  • Material: Cotton

POPHOMME Leisure Sports Pockets Cropped Trousers Men
POPHOMME Leisure Sports Pockets Cropped Trousers Men

  • You can wear the Cropped Shorts only or match them with mens suit, jacket and so on to form another style

POPHOMME Leisure Sports Pockets Cropped Trousers Men

  • Made of high quality material, the Mens Fashion Shorts is durable for long time use and valuable to show your personality

POPHOMME Leisure Sports Pockets Cropped Trousers Men

  • Special design men shorts is attractive and cool for men and look great on you to show your high taste or your manly style and is gentlemen like

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Styles of Shorts for Men

  • When it comes to men's shorts, there is literally a pair of shorts for every occasion. Nowadays, a casual outing calls for you to wear cargo shorts or jean shorts, while back in the early 1900s little boys wore short pants for more formal looking attire while attending school. There are different shorts for almost every activity, and it is important to consider the material and cut of a pair of shorts before purchasing to make sure you're getting the right pair.

Cargo Shorts

  • Cargo shorts are a style of shorts that are built for both comfort and convenience. Cargo shorts feature extra pockets on the thighs to accommodate anything you can think to carry with you. Many cargo shorts are even made to incorporate items like iPods or telephones. Cargo shorts come in many different styles and fabrics, from loose khaki to long and slim nylon short "pants." Cargo shorts are made in just about every different color and with so many styles, there's something for just about everyone.

Jean Shorts

  • Jean shorts are another type of shorts for men, typically popular with both urban and redneck crowds. Jean shorts are essentially denim cutoffs, but are usually made loose or baggy to be more comfortable. Jean shorts can come in a number of colors and washes. Though blue remains the most popular color even today, it is not uncommon for them to be acid washed or even green or brown denim.

Running Shorts

  • Running shorts are specifically made with men's bodies in mind. Running shorts are made with a special brief liner, to protect men's parts from chaffing. They are also usually made using materials that will absorb sweat. Running shorts are made differently depending on what company manufactures them, but they usually feature an elastic waist band and a light weight material that is both comfortable and supportive. The materials used for running shorts are also different depending on the company that makes them, but the higher end shorts are made of a combination of spandex and other materials to wick sweat away from your body.

Bicycle Shorts

  • Bicycle shorts only have one use and that is comfortable bicycling. Bicycle shorts are typically made of a spandex mixed material with pockets of padding on the inner thighs to reduce chaffing against the bicycle seat. Additional padding is also used on the buttocks to reduce discomfort from seats that disagree with a rider's natural figure.

Board Shorts

  • Board shorts are a type of shorts similar to swimming trunks but with a bit more surfer style to them. Also known as jams in their heyday, board shorts were created as a lightweight pair of swimming trunks that allowed full mobility while also being water resistant. Board shorts often feature additional pockets and a smooth polyester or nylon material.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Shorts