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Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens


Are you searching for security camera lens for yourself? If so, this professional camera lens is definitely your first choice. You will love the lens at first sight. To improve the performance of your security surveillance lens, we would like to reco...
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  • The security camera lens will let you be closer to the action than a wide angle lens, and when used with your camera
  • The lens accessories provides a standard field of view which is ideally suitable for many cameras
  • The weight of the lens do not add any burden to you, because they are lightweight
  • The size of the camera lens is neither too big nor small, and you can carry and use it conveniently
  • The well-made 6mm lens is an excellent choice for most applications
  • The lens also fit the photo lovers who use it as special efficiency
  • Focal Length: 6mm
  • Color: Black


Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

  • The security camera lens has a good shoot effect when you are shooting

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

  • Every detail of the camera lens is so exquisite and excellent, which you can tell from the workmanship

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

  • The material touches smooth and comfortable, which is perfect for you to shoot

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

  • It is easy and convenient to use the best camera lens when you are shooting

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

  • This great lens can make your photos more colorful, which you can tell from the picture above

How Does a Camera Lens Work?

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

The Camera's Eye

  • A camera lens is the "eye" of a camera, allowing it to see the outside world. It also works a lot like a human eye, in that light passes through the lens and is focused on the film or image sensor of a digital camera. This light carries the images that both you and camera see
  • A lens has several elements inside a metal barrel. Each element is actually a simple lens itself--a piece of carefully shaped and polished glass. The glass elements in the lens are what focuses the image for the film or sensor

Focal Length

  • Lens have different focal lengths, the distance between the lens and the film or image sensor. This distance is measured in millimeters. To focus on something close, the lens is moved farther from the film or sensor. This is why a lens moves back and forth as it focuses
  • A standard lens has a focal length of 50 mm, which closely approximates what the human eye sees. This is a "fixed" lens, with no zoom
  • A zoom lens can vary it s focal length. A common zoom has a focal length of 28 mm or 80 mm. It is used to bring a subject closer (like binoculars) without the photographer moving.
  • A wide angle lens is also fixed, but typically has a focal length of 28 mm. A wide angle lens enlarges the image, and are useful for portrait photography. You can focus tightly on the subject with a wide angle lens while remains a respectful distance away (and out of the way of the studio lights)

SLR, LCD or Point and Shoot?

  • A SLR (Single Lens Reflex) lens allows the photographer to look directly through the lens and see exactly what the camera sees. In film days, this was the lens of choice for professional photographers, and is still popular with today's pros
  • A digital camera with an LCD screen shows the photographer what the sensor is seeing through the lens
  • A "point and shoot" camera generally uses a separate lens for the photographer to look through. On disposable film cameras, this is just a window to line up the shot. Most good digital "point and shoot" camera's have both a separate viewing lens and a LCD screen

How to Tell if Your Camera Lens Is Working Right:

Fusionsea FSLH-L7 6mm Security Camera MTV Lens

Modern digital cameras, whether they are point and shoot models or single lens reflex models, all have one thing in common: they need to have a working lens for them to function properly. Before the image ever hits the digital sensor in any digital camera, it must first travel through the lens. If you suspect your lens is not functioning properly, there are a few things you can do at home to find out

  • Inspect the most recent pictures you have taken with the camera. Look at the subject in the picture and determine if it is properly focused
  • Locate the "AF/MF" switch on the side of your lens. Not all lenses have this switch. If yours does, make sure it is in the "AF" position for auto-focus
  • Hold the camera to your eye or view the scene on the rear LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen. Pick two items you want to focus on, one close to you and one far away
  • Aim the camera at the subject that is close to you and press the shutter release half way down. Doing this activates the cameras auto-focusing system. Check to see that the lens focuses on the subject; it should not appear blurry or doubled
  • Aim the camera at the subject which is far away from you. Press the shutter release half way down and see if the lens changes its focus from the near point to the further subject. The lens should change right away. If the lens does not adjust its focus position then you may need to have the lens serviced

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lens