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Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers


What you are viewing is Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers. The Bike Brake Levers are designed for your mountain bike and replace your old and damaged brake levers.The V brake levers are compatible with any modern long-pull levers, making ...
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  • A new cosmetic look to the standard mountain bike brake levers
  • Mountain bike brake levers can be used on either the right or left to adjust your personal preference
  • If the threads get trashed on one side, switch bolt direction to tighten clamp
  • High quality and outstanding appearance make the V brake levers more popular among the bike fans
  • These V brake levers are developed to work seamlessly with enhanced disk brakes
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy


Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers

  • Mountain Bike Bicycle V Brake Levers are popular among the bike fans with the high quality and outstanding appearance

Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers

Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers

  • Reach adjustment lets you tweak your levers for maximum performance and comfort

Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers

Durable Mountain Bike V Brake Levers

  • Switch bolt direction to tighten clamp. Bike brake levers are designed for your mountain bike and replace your old or damaged levers

How to Install Brake Levers on a Bicycle Handlebar:

  • Insert a brake block between the brake pads to prevent the pads from rubbing while you install the brake lever.
  • Place the bike upright on a level surface. Block the front and back tires using tire blocks so your bike stays stationary during the installation.
  • Check for the best placement for your brake levers. To do this, stand over the bike and let your hands fall naturally onto the handlebars.
  • Adjust the grips on the handlebars by using a wrench to adjust the bolts. Make sure the bolts are out of the area where your hands will lay while riding.
  • Position the brake lever at a downward angle so you can reach the lever comfortably with at least one finger while your hands are resting on the handlebars.
  • Tighten the bolts to secure the brake levers. The brake levers will not work if the bolts are too tight and they will move instead of braking if they are too loose.
  • Remove the blocks from the tires and remove the brake block. Test the brake levers by riding a short distance at a slow speed.

How to Tighten Bicycle Brakes:

If you often ride a bicycle, you should know how to do some basic maintenance to fix small problems that may arise. Knowing how to tighten your brakes can dramatically improve your safety on the bike.

  • Squeeze the brake lever to see if the bicycle brakes need tightening. If the lever almost touches the handle, the brakes need to be tightened. Properly tightened brakes will only allow the lever to move half way to the handle at most.
  • Adjust the barrell adjuster by the brake lever. Turn the barrell adjuster to the left or counterclockwise to tighten the cable and bring the brake arms closer to the handle.
  • Squeeze the brake handle again to see if a greater adjustment is needed. If it is, find the nut on the rear brake arm.
  • Loosen the nut to free the brake cable.
  • Hold the cable in place and push the brake arm closer to the rim of the wheel. Make sure that the brake arm is close to, but not touching, the rim.
  • Tighten the bolt back up and check the brake lever to see if you need to make further adjustments.
  • Fine tune the brakes by using the barrell adjuster again. When you are finished, check the brake lever and make sure that it can be pulled an appropriate amount but not too far.
  • Check that the brakes on both wheels are toed-in, meaning that when you apply the brakes lightly, the pads on the brakes trail along the rim of the wheel. Adjust if necessary.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Mountain Bike V Brake Levers