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BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box


More parents are realizing that school-provided lunches are not especially healthy for kids. Here the rectangle box can solve the problem. Whether heading off to work or school, this rectangle box adds both style and affordable practic...
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  • Material: PP
  • Upper Temperature Limit for Box: 120
  • Bottom Temperature Limit for Box: -20
  • Capacity: 1000mL/33.81oz
  • Size: 24 x 17 x 6cm/9.45 x 6.69 x 2.36in (L x W x H)


  • Rectangle box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on
  • Rectangle box gets passed safety inspection based on the food sanitation law
  • The rectangle box is perfectly sized for bringing lunch to school or to the office
  • Air tight box will for sure make your lunch time more fun and tasty
  • Bento lunch box is durable, attractive, and easy to clean
  • Wonderful treat for yourself or gift idea
  • It includes two removable compartments inside the box


BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • Lightweight and stylish air tight box

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • Different color of lunch box

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • Components details

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • It can prevent foods from mixing

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • The transparent case can hold soup

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • The durable bottom

Size in Detail:

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box


BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

  • Take the yummy in the lunch box

Lunchbox Ideas for Kids:

BaoLiJiaPing Cute Rectangle Air Tight Bento Lunch Box

New Classics:

  • If your kid lives on PB&J sandwiches, mix it up a little. Make this classic sandwich on whole-wheat pita bread. If her school bans peanut butter, use low-fat cream cheese instead. Instead of sugary jelly, spread the sandwich with apple butter sprinkled with cinnamon. Add fruit that will still look appealing at lunch time, like grapes or orange sections. If you cut up an apple, sprinkle it with some lemon juice to keep it from turning brown

Shape It Up:

  • Use your collection of cookie cutters to make fun sandwich shapes. Stars, flowers and heart shapes take a little more effort but will delight your kid. Use soft whole-grain bread and his favorite sandwich filling. If he loves turkey, add a little cranberry sauce for a little holiday taste. If tuna is her favorite, add sweet pickles to the mixture

DIY Lunch:

  • If you grade schooler likes to make his own lunch, give him that option. Pack his lunch box with small containers of sliced cheese and meat. Include whole-grain crackers some pickles, sachets of mustard or mayo. For some green, add thin slices of cucumber or crisp lettuce. Then he can experiment, and be his own lunch chef

Finger Food:

  • If you want to encourage your child to eat more vegetables, pack her lunch box with fun veggies that she can eat with her fingers. Cut carrots and celery into spears and include a dip such as a low-fat ranch dressing or even hummus. If these veggies are too crunchy for your little one, steam them a little and then refrigerate

How to Choose a Lunch Box:

  • Consider what you'll use the lunch box to carry. Use a tough metal or plastic lunch box to protect foods that can bruise, break or smush. If you plan to pack your foods in plastic containers, a soft lunch bag is fine
  • Choose a lunch box or lunch bag that is large enough to accommodate all your items without having them move around when jostled
  • Consider how you'll be handling your lunch box. If you'll have to fit it in your backpack or book bag, a hard exterior will keep your food from being squashed
  • Purchase a soft-bodied, insulated lunch bag if you'll be carrying items that need to be kept cool or hot. Few hard-shell lunch boxes offer insulation
  • Purchase an insulated beverage container (either with the lunch box or separately) just in case you decide to bring along a little soup, coffee or another beverage
  • Think about the image you'd like to project to your coworkers and companions, and choose your lunch box accordingly. Most plastic and metal lunch boxes will carry images of some sort, including superheroes, cartoon characters and even political figures

Tips & Warnings:

  • The time-tested brown paper sack is an alternative to lunch boxes. Though it is practical - it never needs to be cleaned - it may not be the most ecologically sound choice
  • When purchasing a vintage metal lunch box, be aware of the lunch box rating system: 10 equals mint condition; a 9 has little apparent wear; 8 equals some wear or damage to the rim; a 7 will have a few dents, scratches and dings; 6 means dents, rust and chipped paint; a 5 will have serious damage
  • Lunch boxes often become collector's items, so hold on to yours even if you don't use it anymore

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lunch Box