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Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box


Want to bring appetizing food prepared at home to office or school for lunch but worry about the lunch box? Are they heat-preserving? Are they healthy enough? Are they durable and convenient to carry? Then, this metal lunch box would never disappoint...
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  • Capacity: 1.25L/42.27fl oz                             
  • Height: 9.5cm/3.7in
  • Lunch Box Bottom Diameter: 15.5cm/61in
  • Food Pot Size: 15.5 x 3.5cm/6.1 x 1.3in(Dia. x H)
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • This metal lunch box is an insulated lunch box keeping food warm for a long time 
  • It is a stainless steel lunch box of double-layer design
  • This healthy lunch box is perfectly sized for bringing lunch to school or to the office
  • Exquisite healthy lunch box has durable and fine workmanship
  • This practical lunch box is top-rack dishwasher safe, so cleaning is easy
  • With compact and lightweight design, this healthy lunch box is easy for your daily use
  • It is a safe, eco-friendly, and convenient way to pack lunch and snacks with this insulated lunch box


Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • Stylish handle bento lunch box will make your lunch time more fun and tasty

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • This bento lunch box is designed with two layers with each layer made of stainless steel

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • The food lunch box gets passed safety inspection based on the food sanitation law

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • With exquisite workmanship, this lunch box is durable, attractive, and easy to clean

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • Colourful design not only brings you beauty in view, but also makes you feel comfortable

How to Clean Metal Lunch Box:

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • Wet your sponge with warm water and squeeze a bit of dish soap on the sponge.
  • Scrub the inside and outside of your metal lunchbox with the soapy sponge.
  • Rinse the lunchbox with warm water.
  • Wet one end of a cotton swab with warm water.
  • Clean the corners and crevices with the cotton swab. You might need to use multiple cotton swabs to reach all of the crevices.
  • Rinse your lunchbox and leave it open to air dry

Tips for Buying Metal Lunch Box:

Youzous 1.25L Double Cover Stainless Steel Lunch Box

  • Lead Free - An innocuous news item reported by the Associated Press caught the attention of the public in 2007. It reported instances of lead poisoning and the source was the good old lunch box. You do not have to worry too much when you want to buy metal lunch boxes. The toxic stuff was actually discovered to be in the vinyl boxes not the metallic ones at all. So go on, enjoy your shopping spree by zeroing on the classic, shiny lunch box in an attractive hue and shape
  • Size - The dimensions of your lunch box does matter. Metal or no metal! However, it is possible to buy lunch boxes fashioned out of metals, large enough to satiate your appetite at work. Do be careful when choosing it. Think of your needs and opt for the one that can safely hold your food. Why buy a giant metal lunch box and give yourself the punishment of carrying extra weight to office day in and day out
  • Utility - There are some primary concerns that need to be satisfied once you toy with idea of opting for metal lunch boxes. The light weight metals like aluminum or a few basic alloys will be ideal for your purpose especially if you are thinking of buying it for your kid. The construction of the entire box along with the ease of use are some of the facts you need to ascertain as you shop. Check it for leaks, locking system and clasps and buy it only after satisfying yourself completely
  • Age Appropriate - Why subject your kid to the indignity of being behind times via an inappropriate lunch box? There are a number of brilliant landscapes and cartoon characters etched out on the metallic ones as well. Go for it and watch your kid grin with delight. You can also hope to go retro with a vengeance with an image of the Beetles singing on your lunch box or the cute 'Hello Kitty' logo adorning your metal box

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lunch Box