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SKG Rectangle Multifunctional Electric Lunch Boxes


Do you want to have tasty food when you go out or have a picnic? This portable bento lunch box will be your best choice! This is a insulated lunch box as well as an electrothermal lunch box specially suitable for white collar. By conneting ...
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  • Heating Power: 40W
  • Rated Voltage: 220V/50Hz
  • Color: White & Blue


  • This is an electrothermal lunch box with functions of heating and the heat preservation
  • With rectangle design, the bento lunch box provides more space for your food
  • The insulated lunch box is made of heat resistant and environment material. The bento lunch box is fashionable, no smell and healthy
  • Food lunch box is the ideal way to pack nutritious, travel-friendly meals and so on
  • You will feel very convenient with the healthy lunch box
  • Stylish bento lunch box will for sure make your lunch time more fun and tasty
  • The bento lunch box is durable, attractive, and easy to clean
  • Wonderful treat for yourself, and it's a great gift idea

SKG Rectangle Multifunctional Electric Lunch Boxes


  • Brush away all crumbs and solid matter in the lunch box and wipe away sticky residue with a paper towel
  • Set up a sink with hot, soapy water
  • Put the lunch box into the sink and clean all surfaces with a fresh dish cloth
  • Rinse the lunch box completely and dry it with a clean kitchen towel
  • Use a couple of antibacterial wipes and wipe down all surfaces of the lunch box. Wet the surfaces down thoroughly
  • Allow the lunch box to air dry

Tips & Warnings

  • Follow the directions given by the manufacturers of antibacterial wipes. For disinfecting, the product is wiped onto the surface and must stay wet for a specified amount of time before air drying
  • Set open lunch boxes in a clean, sunny location. Sunshine is a great disinfectant
  • Be sure to clean all surfaces and not just the inside of the lunch box. Germs accumulate on the handles and bottoms as well

How to Choose a Lunch Box:

SKG Rectangle Multifunctional Electric Lunch Boxes

  • Your choice of lunch box reflects your inner self. Are you strong and quirky like an old metal lunch box? Light and colorful like a plastic lunch box? Or soft and cozy like a lunch bag? Here are some things to consider when choosing your lunch box


  • Consider what you'll use the lunch box to carry. Use a tough metal or plastic lunch box to protect foods that can bruise, break or mush. If you plan to pack your foods in plastic containers, a soft lunch bag is fine
  • Choose a lunch box or lunch bag that is large enough to accommodate all your items without having them move around when jostled
  • Consider how you'll be handling your lunch box. If you'll have to fit it in your backpack or book bag, a hard exterior will keep your food from being squashed
  • Purchase a soft-bodied, insulated lunch bag if you'll be carrying items that need to be kept cool or hot. Few hard-shell lunch boxes offer insulation
  • Purchase an insulated beverage container (either with the lunch box or separately) just in case you decide to bring along a little soup, coffee or another beverage
  • Think about the image you'd like to project to your coworkers and companions, and choose your lunch box accordingly. Most plastic and metal lunch boxes will carry images of some sort, including superheroes, cartoon characters and even political figures

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lunch Box