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ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror


Ladies, please pay attention. Today I bring you our concise handle compact mirror, which features the elegant and simple style. Ladies always have to keep one thing in their shoulder bag, which is a mirror, for they can make up themselves at any time...
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  • Small in size, the compact mirror is quite easy to be taken with you
  • Professionally designed, clear viewing is given to you; therefore it is convenient for you to make up
  • With fine craft and workmanship, the texture of the make up mirror is quite clear
  • The glass is well fixed to the whole mirror, so durability is guaranteed for your long time using
  • Made of high quality log wood material, natural and smooth feel is given to the whole compact mirror
  • With our mirror in your hand, you will be the shining and eye-catching lady 
  • Color: Beige
  • Handle Material: Log
  • Glass Size: 13.5 x 13.4cm/5.3 x 5.2in (H x W)
  • Mirror Size: 29.2 x 15.7cm/11.5 x 6.2in (H x W)


ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

  • Elegant as well as conciseness are well combined within this mirror

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

  • As you can see from the picture, the texture of the small mirror is quite clear

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

  • The specially designed handle gives you comfortable holding for your daily using

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

  • The glass of the mirror is professionally designed, which gives you a clear image you need

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

  • With our mirror in your hand, you will be the shining one

How to Make Covers for Compact Mirrors:

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

A mirror is often handy when out in public. Reflect not only your image, but also your personality with a custom designed compact mirror cover. Make one for yourself, and several to give away as thoughtful, inexpensive gifts. The compact can be dressed up and given a special look that will make you smile every time you pull it out. If you're feeling even more crafty, protect your new custom compact with a soft bag that can double as a mini makeup pouch

Fabric Cover

  • Cut a piece of fabric 1/4-inch larger than your compact mirror. Choose fabric with a pattern or embroider your own design on the cloth before attaching it to the compact
  • Spray the back of the fabric with adhesive, or cover the compact with fabric glue. If using glue, be sure to spread it lightly and evenly. Lay the fabric down and press gently. Smooth from the center out to avoid air bubbles
  • Secure the edges of the fabric around the compact with a thin line of glue. Add fabric trim to hide the border and for additional decoration
  • Add more embellishments to cover the compact. Rhinestones can be glued around the mirror itself, used to create an initial or heart. The inside of the compact can also be painted with paint pens

Fabric Pouch

  • Make a fabric pouch for your compact mirror with scraps of fabric. Measure the compact, then triple that number to determine approximately how much fabric you will need
  • Fold the fabric in half with the right sides touching each other. Lay the compact on top of this piece of fabric and lightly trace to be sure the pouch will be wide enough. Now sew up the two sides, leaving at least a 1/4-inch margin around the tracing of the compact
  • Fold the top of the pouch down a 1/2 inch. Use a zig zag stitch to secure this down. Leave a 1/4-inch space to thread cording through
  • Flip the fabric inside out to see your finished compact mirror pouch. Insert the cording, then tie the ends in knots or add a bead to prevent the cord from slipping back through the hole

How to Personalize a Compact Mirror with Rhinestones:

ColorShine Antique Hang Makeup Wooden Handle Hand Mirror

Why powder your nose with a so-so compact when you can glam it up with rhinestones?Turn your compact into a fun fashion accessory with just a glue gun and a couple of faux baubles


  • Wipe the surface of the compact clean to remove any dust. Plug in the glue gun
  • Lay the compact on work surface and go through your stash of rhinestones. Begin arranging the stones on the compact to get a pleasing result. Don't add glue yet
  • Aim for a mixed but balanced look, sort of like a mosaic. For the compact in the picture, I used a mixture of oval and round rhinestones, avoiding the square-shaped ones because the corners were too sharp for such a small area
  • When you have arranged your rhinestones the way you want them, carefully pick them up one at a time and place a tiny dab of hot glue on the back of each rhinestone, setting it into place firmly onto the compact's surface. Use your thumb to press down on the rhinestone for about five seconds after you apply the glue, then pull very gently to test for adhesiveness. The rhinestone should be firmly in place before you begin adding another one
  • Cover any spaces left in between the rhinestones with smaller jewels, using tiny dots of glue to secure them onto the bottom layer. Again, aim for a mixed effect. It's okay to leave some space showing around the edge, but you want to have the center of the compact covered completely in "jewels."After you've finished adding all the rhinestones, inspect the compact and remove any traces of dried glue, then buff gently with a paper towel and a little bit of Windex or plain vinegar to clean it up and make it sparkle

Maintenance Method:

  • After using, it is essential to wipe off the finger impressions and water strains timely in order to keep the mirror new
  • When not used, the mirror should be put into the flannelette bag to prevent it from oxygenation
  • Keep it away from hard material, in case it gets scratched

Package Included:

  • 1 x Hand Mirror