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Cloboa Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask


If you are searching for a cool and chic eye mask, you have got the right place. We are excited to recommend this Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask to you!This luxurious masquerade mask is made to be worn all night showing elegance and richne...
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  • Pretty masquerade mask is designed with beautiful feather
  • This light weight delicate feather mask can be worn as it has satin ribbons
  • The masquerade mask has a stable cord to secure mask around your head
  • Lightweight and durable, the masquerade mask has soft felt interior backing and an elastic band for secure fit
  • The masquerade mask is comfortable enough to wear all night
  • This would make a wonderful piece of art for the serious mask or costume collector
  • Color: White


Cloboa Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask

  • This light weight delicate feather mask can be worn as it has satin ribbons

Cloboa Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask

  • Lavish feather decoration, intricate details and striking color are simply stunning

Cloboa Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask

  • Eye mask is very comfortable to wear & holds its shape perfectly, even hanging on the wall

Cloboa Masquerade Venetian Feather Eye Mask

  • You will be the focus in the party with this assorted style masquerade mask

Something about Mask:

  • The mask is an object worn over or in front of the face to hide the identity of a person and by its own features to establish another being. This essential characteristic of hiding and revealing personalities or moods is common to all masks. As cultural objects they have been used throughout the world in all periods since the Stone Age and have been as varied in appearance as in their use and symbolism
  • Masks have been designed in innumerable varieties, from the simplest of crude "false faces" held by a handle to complete head coverings with ingenious movable parts and hidden faces. Mask makers have shown great resourcefulness in selecting and combining available materials. Among the substances utilized are woods, metals, shells, fibers, ivory, clay, horn, stone, feathers, leather, furs, paper, cloth, and corn husks. Surface treatments have ranged from rugged simplicity to intricate carving and from polished woods and mosaics to gaudy adornments. The morphological elements of the mask are with few exceptions derived from natural forms. Masks with human features are classified as anthropomorphic and those with animal characteristics as theriomorphic. Masks usually represent supernatural beings, ancestors, and fanciful or imagined figures, and can also be portraits. The localization of a particular spirit in a specific mask is often a highly significant reason for its existence
  • The change in identity of the wearer for that of the mask is vital, for if the spirit represented does not reside in the image of the mask, the ritual petitions, supplications, and offerings made to it would be ineffectual and meaningless. The mask, therefore, most often functions as a means of contact with various spirit powers, thereby protecting against the unknown forces of the universe by prevailing upon their potential beneficence in all matters relative to life


  • Before you wear your new character mask, we suggest that you try it on for correct fit
  • If mask shows creases, stuff with tissue paper and very gently warm on low heat with a blow dryer. While mask is warm, straighten out any creases or folds. Leave paper in mask until it is completely cool
  • If mask is fitting loosely away from eyes, we recommend adding tissue or foam inside of mask to bring eyes as close to eye holes as possible
  • After wearing, a damp cloth may be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out. Mask must be completely dry before storing
  • To store cover your mask with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying/storing your mask in direct sunlight or excessive heat

Package Included:

  • 1 x Masquerade Mask