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Flowju 8 Wheels Arched Back Personalized Massager


Durable acrylic soft studded wheel design provides deep muscle massage! This 8 wheels massager can massage neck, scalp, and all over your body. It is easy to use twist on switch. You would be promoted with blood circulation and muscles relax. The lig...
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  • Durable acrylic soft studded wheel design provides deep muscle massage
  • The soft material massage your back and whole body comfortably
  • When you are in the bathroom, it's necessary for you to relax with the 8 wheels massager
  • You would be promoted blood circulation and muscles relax quickly with this massager
  • It can remove the verruca, make your body slim and prevent illness
  • It's easy to operate and save time, have a good effect
  • Portable and convenient
  • Smooth surface glides over your skin
  • You can massage neck, scalp, and anywhere of your body
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: Approx.19 x 14cm/7.48 x 5.51in(L x W)

Quick Back Massage Tips:

Transforming a good back massage into a great one does not have to be consuming. A back massage can be given for a variety of reasons: to ease the pain of others, help someone relax or strengthen a connection with someone. There are quick tips for a back massage that can improve your technique immediately.

  • Atmosphere: An important component of any good back massage is a relaxing atmosphere. Since stress relief is among the benefits of massages, it is important to create an environment that will allow someone to relax. You quickly can transform a room by dimming the lights, lighting a few aromatherapy candles or playing mellow music
  • Oil: Using a lubricant, such as oil, can make the massage more comfortable for the recipient. If you are using scented oil, take a second to make sure it is not too intense or offensive to the person getting the massage. Warming the lubricant in your hands and being mindful of how much oil you use on the person's back are fast and easy ways to improve the experience.
  • Technique: Remembering to alternate between types of massage strokes and motions does not require additional time and it can improve the effectiveness of your massage. Changing directions and techniques will not only prevent your hands from becoming exhausted, but also will keep you from concentrating on the same muscle group for too long. Mix up your hand motions to keep the person receiving the massage in a constant state of relaxation and comfort
  • Pressure: As you move up and down the back, vary how much pressure you apply. Stronger kneading may be required to eliminate areas of tension and lighter rubbing may be just as effective in other areas.
  • Communication: An effective massage requires communication throughout the experience. Before you begin, take a moment to ask the recipient if he wants you to focus on or avoid any part of his back. Check in about the pressure you are applying. As you progress up and down his back, pay attention to any clues as to whether or not you are finding tense spots or applying too much pressure

How to Make a Back Massager?

  • Find a clean sock or cut one leg off a pair of pantyhose. When using a sock, use one that's a little longer, such as a woman's knee-high sock
  • Put three tennis balls in the sock or leg of the pantyhose. This is a way to use those tennis balls that have lost their bounce
  • Tie the sock or pantyhose shut with a knot at the open end, leaving enough room for a handle on the other side of the knot. If you have enough room, tie a knot on the closed side, too, so you can have two handles. Two handles will allow the massager to vary the pressure when he gives you a back massage
  • Ask a friend to help you with your massage. Have the massager roll the sock over your back, giving a soothing back massage

Package Included:

  • 1 x 8 Wheels Arched Back Massager