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BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat


If you are a mother-to-be, a comfortable coat is the basic thing you have to consider when you are looking for the coats. But if a coat is both comfortable for wearing and of fashion appearance would be better. So today I bring you our detachable col...
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  • Our maternity winter coat is very warm to keep you from cold
  • Three different colors, black, pink and khaki, give each maternity coat their own taste
  • Fashion appearance and comfortable wearing are well combined on the fashionable maternity clothes
  • Specially designed, the abdominal circumference of the pregnant clothes can be adjusted
  • Our detachable fur collar maternity coat is very comfortable for pregnant women to wear
  • The collar of the maternity coat is detachable, so versatile wearing style is given to you
  • Shell Fabric: 95% Cotton & 5% Sticky Fiber
  • Lining Material: Polyester & Cony Hair


BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • Black gives instant cool style to the maternity coat as well as to the wearer 

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • Fashion and casual style is perfectly shown on this khaki maternity coat

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • Pink endows great sweetness and warm feel to the coat

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • Specially designed, the abdominal circumference of the fashion maternity clothes can be adjusted

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • The zipper on the coat gives versatile wearing to you

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

  • With our coat on your hand, you will be the most beautiful mother-to-be

How to Measure:

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

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Shoulder Width

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Abdominal Circumference

Sleeve Length


































  • These dimensions are for reference only
  • Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Wear Plus Size Maternity Clothes:

BLMM Pretty Detachable Fur Collar Maternity Coat

Becoming pregnant is an exciting time in any woman's life. As your baby bump begins to grow, you start thinking about maternity clothes shopping. If you wear plus sizes, you want to find maternity wear that is both flattering to your figure and comfortable


  • Shop at stores that stock plus size maternity clothes. Unfortunately, some maternity shops will only carry regular sizes. Try Motherhood Maternity and Target to find cute plus size maternity clothes
  • Pick out empire waist tops. This style's waistline will fall just below your bust and then billow out over the belly area. You can also find dresses with empire waistlines
  • Choose a busy pattern. Floral pattern tops are very popular in plus size maternity clothing
  • Wear long skirts. Prairie style skirts look flattering on plus size pregnant women. They are comfortable and work with a large variety of different style tops
  • Pick out the right size. Try maternity clothes on before you purchase them. If you are plus size, you want to pick out items that fit properly. T-shirts that are too big will make you look heavier

When Do You Start to Wear Maternity Clothes:
The timing of the transition from your everyday wardrobe to your new, pregnancy clothing is unique for every woman. As each woman and fetus grows at a different rate, the switch can occur at various times
Take a look at how you are growing and how your body is reacting to pregnancy. If you are having early first trimester bloating, you may want to invest in maternity pants early on. Those who were slim before pregnancy, however, may be able to wait until well into their second trimester to start shopping


  • There is not a specific week or trimester to start maternity shopping. You will know when the need is there when your everyday clothing starts to fit snugly


  • There are different types of maternity clothing,and when you purchase and begin to wear them will vary. Shirts may be your first splurge as you may feel uncomfortable with your expanding waist showing in your fitted pre-pregnancy clothing. Choose flowy options that give you room to grow. Pants will probably feel much too large in your first trimester, although they may prove a comfortable alternative to your tight jeans. Consider an elastic belly band as a transition piece: the fabric sits on top of your regular unbuttoned pants, holding them up and giving you additional room

Time Frame

  • As mentioned, the switch will vary for all women. However, most feel the need to at least begin working maternity clothing into their daily wardrobe by 16 weeks. If you're pregnant with twins or higher-order multiples, you'll be wearing maternity clothes long before week 16


  • Maternity clothing will not only give you a cleaner, more put-together appearance, but help you feel more comfortable and confident during this emotional time. Take pride in your ever-changing curves and the new look you have

Package Included:

  • 1 x Maternity Coat