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BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear


Cold weather comes! Do you want to be warmer in this cold winter? Whether you're playing outdoors or in, make sure you wear our best fashionable Maternity Outerwear. This Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear is very comforta...
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  • This Hooded Maternity Outerwear is made of durable Cotton material which can give you and your baby comfortable feeling
  • The pocket design of this Hooded Maternity Outerwear is nice and cute, and also it will make you and your baby feel warm and comfortable
  • With the unique design of this maternity outerwear, you will be the focus of the crowd
  • This Hooded Maternity Outerwear is carefully processed, which is comfortable, and good for you to protect yourself
  • With this Designer Maternity Outerwear you will look attractive and outstanding in the street
  • This best Outerwear for Women is designed with Long Sleeve, Hooded, Double Breasted and Zipper
  • Long Sleeve Coat Outerwear is always a must have popular choice for the rising career women
  • Its fine details and fashion design will complete the look that is professional and polished
  • Material: Cotton


 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

  • This maternity outerwear is made of high quality Cotton material so that it is durable and comfortable for you and your baby

 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

  • The zipper design of this women outerwear is nice and cute, and also it is comfortable and cool

 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

  • This good workmanship and fashionable hooded design of the best outerwear for women is cool and charming

BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

  • The fashionable Double Breasted design makes you attractive and outstanding in the crowd

 BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

  • This fashion maternity outerwear is well in process and workmanship with the hooded design

How to Measure:

BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

Size in Detail:



Shoulder Width


Sleeve Length

Belly Circumference













































  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Pick a Woman's Overcoat:

BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

An overcoat is one of the more expensive items in a woman's wardrobe, and not necessarily something you buy every year. Choose an overcoat by considering your fashion and lifestyle needs so that you have a versatile item that lasts for a while. Read on to learn how to pick a woman's overcoat

  • Assess your figure. Look at features such as height, a high waistline, broad shoulders, long legs and hip size. Seek out styles that work on others with a similar body type
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The Best Overcoats:

BABYJOY Stylish Hooded Double Breasted Cotton Maternity Outerwear

An overcoat is a heavy-duty coat worn over all other layers of clothing when the weather is particularly cold. Overcoats are usually worn over suits or casual business clothes for work and for special occasions like weddings and funerals. Overcoats also come in many different shapes, sizes and styles -- you can choose between double-breasted and single-breasted coats, and they are made from dozens of different fabrics that should suit your personal taste and style

Best for Cold Weather

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Best for Hot Weather

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Best for Length

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Fabrics, Colors and Details

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Package Included:

  • 1 x Maternity Outerwear