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Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones


Are you looking for something to protect your throat which is stressed out? Do you often need to talk very loudly? Does this always hurt your throat? If so, I figured that you've got the right place. We recommend you these teaching waist portable spe...
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  • Frequency Response: 70-12000Hz
  • Maximum Output Power: 15W
  • Speaker Impedance:
  • Operating Voltage: 6-8.4V
  • Battery Specification:  Special Lithium Ion Battery
  • Charger Specification: DC 10.6V/400mA
  • Working Time: 20Hours
  • Charge Time: 4-5Hours
  • Size: 11.0 x 9.4 x 4.9cm/4.3 x 3.7 x 1.9in(L x W x T)


  • Waist design makes you free to talk without holding this electronic mini megaphone
  • This electronic mini megaphone supports the TF card and USB flash disk
  • Designed with professional acoustics technology, this electronic mini megaphone can amplify your voice without any loss in quality
  • The portable bullhorn megaphone can be applied to teaching, guided tours, outdoor or noisy places
  • Built-in automatic charging control circuit with audio input socket, and external audio source connection
  • Unique protection circuit, the microphone portable microphone can used for a long time


Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

  • Microphone speaker is adopted advanced high quality material, not afraid of the impact

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

  • Microphone speaker is ultra-light and mini design, easy to carry

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

  • Charging convenience, you can plug in the charger, you can re-charge

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

  • The nice megaphone can be applied to teaching, guided tours, outdoor or noisy places

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

  • It makes sure that your message across loudly and clearly with this fine details megaphone

How Do Audio Amplifiers Work:

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

What is an Amplifier

  • If you've ever been to a rock concert, a movie theater or simply listened to music on your way to work, you've used an amplifier. Amplifiers can come in many forms. Everything from the tiny ear-buds you use with your MP3 player to the earth shaking surround sound systems in an IMAX theater are all amplifiers. Their main function is simply to take an audible sound (a voice, a sound effect, a musical instrument) and make it louder. Some amplifiers manipulate the sound it is reproducing. A guitar player may use his amplifier to add distortion or reverb to his guitar sound. Others may use equalization to add bass for a seat rattling movie experience. The bottom line though, amplifiers are all about volume

Moving Air

  • The most important thing needed to amplify sound is air. The amplifier, or amp, takes an audio signal and vibrates the speaker inside. This vibration moves the air around the speaker. Your ear perceives this as audible sound. In fact, the human ear itself functions the same way. Your eardrum fluctuates with the vibrations it is receiving and send those signals to your brain as sound. The more power an amp has, the more air it can move and thus, create a louder sound. So, we know that amps need to move air to amplify audio signals. But how does it get the signal in the first place

Power Surge

  • Amplifiers reproduce audio signals that it receives via an electrical signal. When you're speaking into a microphone, your voice is vibrating a tiny diaphragm inside. The microphone generates an electrical impulse that fluctuates with those vibrations and sends them through a cord into the amp. At this point, the amp increases the strength of that signal by passing it through tubes and/or transistors. The amount the signal is increased is based on the wattage of the amp and how large of a speaker you are trying to vibrate. The newly juiced up signal is now translated back into vibrations and emitted as audible sound through the speaker. It's important to know how much a speaker can take. If the signal output is too high for a given speaker, it can literally tear the speaker apart

What Is a Speech Amplifier:

Bigaing Teaching Waist Portable Speaker Electronic Megaphones

Interpersonal communication often suffers without a clear, strong voice. Particularly in group situations, amplifying the voice can enhance learning and information dissemination. Speech amplifiers increase the volume of your voice. Use one of these portable voice amplifiers to reduce communication problems without the inconvenience of lugging around heavy equipment


  • Coaches and other group instructors often use speech amplifiers. This is particularly true in outside settings or in large rooms with many students. After a coaching session or class lasting several hours, having to talk loudly or even scream can make the voice hoarse. Depending on the size of the audience, speech amplification is also beneficial for business meetings and sales presentations. Stage performers, cheerleaders and tour guides can also use these lightweight amplifiers. Hearing-impaired individuals sometimes have a problem projecting their voice. The same goes if you have a medical problem that has caused your voice to deteriorate. Individuals who have problems with voice projection or deterioration sometimes use an amplifier around the house, not just in group settings


  • A speech amplifier comes with a main speaker unit, as well as a headset or a neck-tie microphone. Some units also have a small handheld microphone. The amplifier runs on batteries, which are typically rechargeable and come in either AA or AAA sizes. The main unit has a power button, a volume control, a microphone connector and a recharging connector


  • You can attach the speaker unit to your waist, as the entire amplifier typically weighs only about 1 lb. The size of the main unit varies, but even the larger units are only about 8 inches tall or wide. Thus, compared to the bigger and heavier megaphone, the small size and weight make a voice amplifier convenient for portable use


  • The price varies by model and retailer. However, at the time of publication, speech amplifiers typically cost between about $100 and $350. More powerful models tend to cost more because they produce more amplification for the voice


  • At the higher end, voice amplifiers produce about 15 watts of amplification, but some models produce only 5 watts. The typical volume level increase is about 15 to 25 decibels. For maximum power, you can get more than that from some megaphones. For example, the 4-lb. BullHornUSA CM-25R Recordable provides 25 watts of power. However, you have to carry these heavier megaphones with your hand or strap them around your neck. Speech amplifiers are more convenient for portable use if they provide enough power for your personal needs

Package Included:

  • 1 x Megaphone