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POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater


Do you want to buy a unique men sweater? Do you want to be distinctive in crowd? If so, come and look at this men sweater. The long sleeve sweater is perfect for you.This is a knitwear made of cotton material, comfortable to wear. It i...
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  • This men sweater is a kind of cardigan sweater of sweats absorption without collar and hood
  • This long sleeve sweater is easy to match with different clothes
  • Elegant design makes this men sweater even more special and fashion
  • Long sleeve design makes this men sweater even more special and fashion
  • Made of highly-quality material, this men sweater is durable enough for a long time using
  • Men long sleeve sweater can create an eye-catching to you
  • Suitable for wearing in autumn and spring 
  • Material: Cotton


POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • This kind of men sweater has no collar and hood, so you can match with many types of clothes

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • This cardigan sweater is designed with irregular buttons making you different from others 

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • With delicate workmanship, the men cardigan sweater is durable and comfortable to wear

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • Elegant design makes this men long sleeve sweater even more special and fashion
  • This men sweater is specially suitable for spring and autumn wear

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POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

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Different Ways to Wear a Men's Cardigan:

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • Cardigans are soft, light sweaters that button or zip in the front. They are usually made from cotton, wool, or a blend of cotton and synthetic materials. Both men and women wear cardigans, and they are popular with the young and old alike. Men can wear these versatile clothing items in many different styles to achieve a different aesthetic, from the casual hipster to a holiday look or classic lounge fashion

Youth Fashion

  • Incorporate a cardigan into a fashionable, youthful look, also known as a hipster aesthetic. Layer a men's cardigan over a T-shirt and under a scarf. Wear fitted jeans in a color that contrasts with the hue of your cardigan, and wear sneakers to emphasize the youthful element of this style. Leave the cardigan unbuttoned for a cavalier, casual look


  • Use a cardigan for semi-formal occasions where a sports jacket would leave you overdressed but a T-shirt would not indicate sufficient effort in looking nice. Wear a clean cardigan free of wrinkles with a pair of ironed khaki pants and polished dress shoes. Button the cardigan to the neck to differentiate the look from the partially buttoned style popular with women. Choose a v-neck cardigan made from a high quality material, such as cashmere, for added formality

Night Out

  • Try a colorful or patterned cardigan beneath a sport coat for a night out at your favorite bar or club. A cardigan can add a touch of historical class to your evening loungewear. A striped cardigan paired with loafers, slacks and a sport jacket invokes a classic, preppy look reminiscent of the billiard halls and urban cafes of the mid to early 20th century


  • A cardigan is an ideal article of clothing to wear to a festive holiday party. The fabric provides additional warmth when layered under a jacket or inside a chilly living room. You can also purchase a cardigan in festive colors such as green and red or featuring holiday-themed patterns. Add warm yet dressy corduroy pants and a knitted scarf, both in subdued hues that play up your cardigan. The result is the perfect outfit for your winter needs, from a ski vacation to an office Christmas party

Types of Sweaters for Men:

POPHOMME Fashion Men Cardigan Cotton Long Sleeve Sweater

  • Does your wife or girlfriend constantly nag you about putting more effort into the way you dress? Does she get more enjoyment out of visiting a men's clothing store than you do? Fashion may not be a priority for you, but recognizing several key garments that are suitable for many seasons and occasions is worth your while. Because sweaters are one of these highly versatile pieces, familiarize yourself with the different styles of men's sweaters available to you

Crew-Neck Sweaters

  • Sweaters with a round-shaped neckline are referred to as crew necks. This is perhaps the most casual sweater style available for men. Crew necks are most often worn over an undershirt or on their own. They are produced from a wide variety of fabrics, of which cotton tends to be the most popular choice. Many crew neck sweaters are accented with patterns, graphics or text, making them suitable for any casual occasion

Polo Sweaters

  • Polo neck sweaters are characterized by a raised collar. Some polo neck sweaters also have two or three buttons directly below the neckline. Some men keep these buttons closed, while others open them to reveal an additional garment worn underneath, for example a T-shirt. Because of their sporty look, polo neck sweaters should not be worn in formal or professional settings. In warm spring and early fall temperatures, many men roll up the sleeves of a polo neck sweater to their elbows to create a cool, relaxed look

Turtleneck Sweaters

  • Turtleneck sweaters have high, tight-fitting collars that cover all or part of a man's neck. Some men display the collar's full length, while others fold the collar down toward the neckline to expose the top half of the neck. Suitable for cold temperatures, solid colored turtlenecks are ideal for wearing under leather jackets or suede blazers, creating a chic look that may even be appropriate for casual days at the office. Unlike with women's turtlenecks, it is rare to find short-sleeved turtlenecks for men

Boat Neck Sweaters

  • The slight curve of its neckline, which extends from one shoulder to the others, distinguishes a boat neck sweater from other styles of men's sweaters. Fashion savvy, style conscious men tend to wear boat neck sweaters more often than others. Ideally, boat neck sweaters should be paired with other trendy garments that include skinny pants, loafers with a pointed toe and belts with ornate buckles. This style of sweater is a popular choice among men in Hollywood

V-Neck Sweaters

  • V-neck sweaters have a triangular-shape neckline. A V-neck sweater is a versatile garment that can be dressed both up and down. A casual look can include a V-neck sweater worn with shorts or jeans and a T-shirt underneath the sweater. For dressier occasions, they can be worn in combination with khaki trousers and either a solid colored or patterned collared shirt. The shirt's collar should be displayed over the sweater's neckline

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  • 1 x Men Sweater