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Ezuprove Low Rise Zipper Jointing Cotton Pockets Men Jeans


The fashionable Cotton Jeans are essential for your daily life. You can show your different style with the Men Jeans. This pair of Cotton Jeans is very popular in the market because of its fashionable style and unique design. With the pair of men jea...
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  • The Low Rise and Pockets design of Cotton Jeans can well show your fashion 
  • The Cotton Jeans are very comfortable to wear and touch
  • You will love the designer men jeans for its fashionable style 
  • The special design men jeans can make you much handsome
  • You can wear the Cotton Jeans in different occasions
  • Material: Cotton
  • Color: Black & Blue


Ezuprove Low Rise Zipper Jointing Cotton Pockets Men Jeans

  • The special Low Rise and Jointing design of men jeans will make you very handsome and fashionable

Ezuprove Low Rise Zipper Jointing Cotton Pockets Men Jeans

  • The high quality men jeans can give you much comfort and freedom

Ezuprove Low Rise Zipper Jointing Cotton Pockets Men Jeans

  • The details design makes the stylish men jeans look popular and unique between young people

How to Size Mens Jeans:

Finding a good pair of jeans that fits just right can be a challenge. Have your jeans custom tailored for your body measurements if you want a perfect fit. Standard men's jeans are made using only the waist and length measurements. However, custom-tailored jeans use several additional measurements in order to adequately size the jeans to your own unique proportions. Many jean-supply companies as well as first-rate department stores and men's clothing stores offer jean tailoring as a service

Ezuprove Low Rise Zipper Jointing Cotton Pockets Men Jeans

  • A. Measure Your Waist: Place the measuring tape an inch over your belly button. While measuring, stand up straight and do not hold your stomach in. Add another inch to the measurement to find your waist size. Most stores carry waist sizes that range from 30 to 42 inches
  • B. Measure Your Hips: Place the measuring tape directly across the hip bone area. Usually a man's hip area is almost the same measurement as his waist. But sometimes the waist area is bigger than the hips. If the waist is much bigger than the hip, the fit may be baggy around the crotch area and legs. Buy pants that fit the largest part of you and get them professionally altered to fit your body
  • C. Measure Your Crotch: Measure the crotch length by starting at the front center waistline and extending your tape measure in between the legs and up to the back center waistline. The crotch depth is measured by sitting on a chair and measuring from the side waist to the chair seat
  • D. Measure Your Thigh: measure around fullest part of upper leg while standing
  • E. Measure Your Inseam: Place the measuring tape at your natural crotch to get your inseam measurement. Let the tape fall until it reaches the top of your shoe. Pants should cover the top of the shoe, but they should never touch the floor. They should stop right over the back heel area of your shoe. Wear the shoes that you will most often wear with the pair of pants you are fitting. Shoes make a difference in the inseam measurement
  • F. Measure Pants for Hemming: When measuring pants for hemming, consider the width of the pant leg, as skinner pants can be hemmed shorter and wide-legged pants look better longer. Measure pants for hemming, make sure each side is equal

Size in Detail: 






























  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Size may be smaller than usual standard, you can choose a larger size

How to Wash Jeans:

Extend the life of your jeans, keep them from fading, and keep them from shrinking when you follow these easy how to steps. Washing your jeans this way will take a little longer than simply tossing them in the washer and dryer, but the long-lasting benefits will be your reward. Plus, if you're paying designer prices for your denim, you'll want to learn the proper way to wash jeans.

  • Step One: Prepare your jeans for washing by emptying the pockets and turning the jeans inside out
  • Step Two: Set your washing machine to a cold temperature and the gentle or hand wash cycle. Fill the machine with water and use the recommended amount of Woolies
  • Step Three: Once the machine has pre-filled with water, add your jeans to the wash
  • Step Four: Once the washing machine cycle has finished, promptly remove your jeans. Turn them right side out, and hang them by the waist with a two clip pant hanger
  • Step Five: Hang your jeans out of direct sunlight and let them air dry. Drying time will vary by depending on the climate in which you live, the current air temperature and humidity. To be on the safe side, plan on letting your jeans dry for at least a day and a half

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pair of Jeans