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BQK Woolen High Neck Long Sleeve Men Sweater


This woolen men sweater is very popular in the market because of its fashionable style and fine workmanship. If you are searching for a stylish and fashionable cardigan, you have got the right place. We are excited to recommend this woolen men sweate...
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  • Unique High Neck Long Sleeve design, this woolen men sweater has created eye-catching visual effects
  • The well-made men sweater with straight design is durable enough for a longtime using
  • Exquisite design, this woolen men sweater can make you more handsome
  • The designer men sweater is easy to be matched with different clothes
  • The design of this woolen men sweater is popular and fashionable
  • Material: Wool Blend

 Size in Detail: 

ClothType Size Shoulder Width Chest Clothes Length Sleeve Length Hem Color
cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
/ L 42 16.38 45 17.55 69 26.91 67 26.13 44 17.16 N/A
/ M 41 15.99 43 16.77 68 26.52 66 25.74 43 16.77 N/A
/ XL 43 16.77 47 18.33 70 27.30 68 26.52 45 17.55 N/A
/ XXL 44 17.16 49 19.11 70 27.30 69 26.91 45 17.55 N/A


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person
  • Size may be smaller than usual standard, you can choose a larger size

How to Measure:

BQK Woolen High Neck Long Sleeve Men Sweater


BQK Woolen High Neck Long Sleeve Men Sweater

  • The long sleeve men sweater can show your youth and attraction

BQK Woolen High Neck Long Sleeve Men Sweater

  • The simple but trendy design men sweater is a good choice for you to choose

BQK Woolen High Neck Long Sleeve Men Sweater

  • You will be very youthful and charming with this men sweater just from the back to view

How to Wash:

Care for a Wool Blend Coat Whether a full length outer coat or part of a business suit, wool coats have always been a must-have for wardrobes. Not only is wool elegant, but its natural fibers add a layer of warmth during the coldest winters. Wool blend garments also represent a significant investment in your wardrobe budget. With proper care, a wool blend coat can be worn for several years

  • Wear the coat on an every other day basis, as wool needs to rest. Remove everything from the pockets and undo the belts. Hang the coat on larger hangers that are padded or are slightly curved on the shoulder. Make sure the buttons or the zipper is closed on the coat. Don't hang it in a cramped closet; wool needs room to lose any wrinkles and allow the fibers to regain their shape
  • Examine the coat for damage or soil. Use a clothing brush to remove surface dirt. Remove any spots with the stain remover from a home dry cleaning product like Dryel. Follow the instructions and always test in an inconspicuous spot first before using it on the outside of the coat
  • Refresh the wool blend coat with the Dryel cloths. Wipe the moist cloth across the coat; pay attention to the inside of the cuffs and collar. Hang the coat in a steamy bathroom to remove wrinkles. If the coat gets wet, hang it at room temperature, away from any heat source. Brush it with a clothing brush to restore the nap
  • Iron deep set wrinkles with a steam iron heated to the "Wool" setting. Press on the reverse side; if you cannot do this, use a pressing cloth. Do not move the iron back and forth across the wool; lower and lift the iron off of the coat. Extra scraps of wool material make excellent press cloths; they help to preserve the resilient texture of woolens. Prevent imprinting inside detail by placing a piece of brown wrapping paper or tissue paper under folds, seams or darts
  • Dry clean wool blend coats professionally at least once a season, unless the care label indicates that it can be hand washed. Then use mild soap and cold water. Do not wring, twist or pull the wet coat; it can cause the wool fibers to lose their shape. Wrap it in a towel to remove excess water, replacing the towel when it becomes wet. Then reshape the coat on a flat surface to dry
  • Clean the coat before storing it for the winter. Place the coat in a closet where it will be protected from insects. Check the closet periodically for signs
    of insects

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Sweater