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V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest


If wool is a wonder, the double breasted mens vest is a miracle.This handsome slim fit clothing vest strikes the balance between luxury and function. And this fashion clothing mens vest will forever change the way you look and feel in ...
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  • High quality material ensures shrinking resistant
  • Super soft and lightweight of this double breasted mens vest makes wear more comfort and warm
  • Fashion and popular design of this double breasted mens vest withstanding test of time keeps your core nice and toasty
  • Traditional sleeveless and v-neck style of the this mens vest
  • Classic pointed hem and three buttons front closure
  • Cinch at the back for slim fit
  • Material: Terylene & Cotton


V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest

  • Casual trendy looks men's vest is fully complement any cloth in your wardrobe
  • The classic sleeveless, V neck, pointed hem and double breasted style design makes this double breasted mens vest trendier and style

V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest

  • Update your wardrobe with this stylish slim fit clothing vest, you'll love it

V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest

  • Layer style of this mens vest give your pleasant looks
  • Fashion and popular design of this mens vest withstanding test of time keeps your core nice and toasty

V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest

  • Double breasted front closure give stylish and classic looks to this mens vest
  • The half waist belt adjustment designed to perfect fit
  • V-neck style clothing mens vest gives you manliness looks

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V Neck Double Breasted Slim Fit Clothing Mens Vest

Types of Men's Vests:

Vests--sleeveless garments worn over shirts--were introduced into the court of Charles II in the mid-17th century, and have been an integral component of men's clothing ever since. Until recently, vests were relegated to the third piece of a three-piece suit. Today's vests, however, are versatile, display the wearer's individuality and taste, and pull together almost any outfit. In the UK, a vest is known as a "waistcoat."

Outerwear Vests:

  • Down vests are perennial outdoorsy classics. They exemplify a rugged but casual chic, particularly those manufactured with natural rather than synthetic goose down and with snaps rather than a zipper. They look great over a sweater, with jeans, hiking shorts, chinos or corduroys beneath. Vests made with Polartek or similar materials are lighter weight but not as warm, and tend not to last as long. Fleece vests usually zip rather than snap or button, and sometimes come with a hood.

Sweater Vests:

  • Sweater vests, traditionally favored by golfers, academics and geeks, are neither quite outerwear nor fashion accessory. Nevertheless, they're useful for keeping your body warm and your arms free. Sweater vests can be made of wool, cotton, cashmere, synthetic materials, or a blend; pullover or buttoned; and solid, cabled or patterned. Sweater vests look better on the young and skinny. If you're neither, wear a narrow sweater vest under an open jacket, and make sure all items are high quality.

The Suit Vest:

  • The "traditional" suit vest is constructed from the same material as the suit, has a deep V front with buttons, and often a silk backing with adjustable buckle or tie. You can also buy suit vests in unusual colors or patterns, although not all are appropriate for boardroom or job interview. For instance, an embroidered or otherwise detailed cotton or silk vest can peg you as a retro dandy. Meanwhile, wearing a modified version of a suit vest--without the suit--indicates a precarious balance between professionalism and anti-authoritarianism. Regardless of your choice of suit vest, make sure you hold up your pants properly. Some formal vests are designed to be worn with suspenders, not a belt. However, please wear a belt with a suit vest and jeans.

Accessory Vests:

  • Some vests are designed purely for looks. These include lightweight denim vests, and the button-front skinny black cotton vests seen over T-shirts and with high-tops for a "nouveau punk" look. Pairing a black cotton vest with a pair of black pants is chic and slimming, and your girlfriend can borrow your skinny vest with impunity. As these vests go in and out of style, keep abreast of men's fashion sources to ensure you don't look too "last season."

Vests for Bikers and Cowboys:

  • If you're part of the biker or western-wear culture, you know about these vests and how and when to wear them. Otherwise, you should be able to identify them so as not to purchase them by accident. Biker vests are usually made of wind-resistant heavy denim or black cowhide, and snap or zip up the front. Leather biker vests often have pockets, side ties, and fringe or other decoration at the bottom. Cowboy vests are usually suede, with a notched v-neck, and can also include fringed bottoms or similar decoration.

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  • 1 x Mens Vest