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J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch


Are you looking for a good men watch for yourself? Are you searching for something special for your father or husband? If so, this men watch is so perfect to you. The full automatic men wrist watch with good design and fine workmanship will give...
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  • The full automatic men wrist watch shows your charm with advanced technique
  • With practical features and excellent appearance, our men watch can also show your personality
  • The time of this men automatic watch is accurate and precise
  • Our exquisite men wrist watch is convenient to wear on and fits all size
  • A perfect gift for friends or relatives, the watch can show your care and love for them
  • The super hardened scratch resistant feature ensures the best men watch durable and easy reading
  • Band Material: Metal
  • Band Color: Light Yellow


J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • The well-designed light yellow men watch is in high performance and durable for long time use

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • The touch of the metal band makes wearing comfortable and protects your wrist well

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • Buckled style wrist watch is designed of folded button which is convenient for you to wear and take off

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • The men automatic watch increase the charm of yourself and reinforce your confidence

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • This best men watch is a perfect gift for you or someone treats for you

How to Select & Choose Men's Watches:

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

  • A man's watch isn't just a piece of jewelry but a very personal item that lasts a lifetime. Shopping for a man's watch, therefore, takes an incredible amount of research, preparation and thought. After you have set a budget, you must encompass the man's personal style, the occasions he wears the watch for and other important factors worth considering. When you do find a watch he likes, your selection becomes one of the more treasured accessories he owns
  • Set a feasible budget so you don't exceed your resources by going on an overzealous shopping spree. Eliminate elusive options and narrow your choices so you can then compare important factors like style and function. This enables you to get the most for your money
  • Determine on which occasions he plans to wear his watch. Showing up at a black-tie affair with a sports watch looks sloppy and wearing a designer watch at the gym seems inappropriate. Before selecting a style, know where he will wear the watch and how he will use it
  • Evaluate the man's personal style to help you determine what kind of watch he would prefer. If he usually dresses for comfort, a leather wristband would seem to be more suitable. If he is a techie type of guy, select a watch with a futuristic look, digital numbers and night-vision feature
  • Consider the man's wrist size when selecting a watch. A man with a smaller wrist doesn't look good wearing a watch with a large face or he may find a large band to be too bulky. Know his wrist size before making a choice

How to Regulate a Mechanical Watch:

J-three Full Automatic Metal Band Watch

Regulating a mechanical watch is a relatively easy task that requires little skill and plenty of trial and error. Most mechanical watches are vintage timepieces manufactured before 1970. Although most watches produced today are battery-powered quartz models, mechanical watches remain in production. A tiny spring-loaded engine, called a "movement," powers a mechanical watch. A mechanical watch in good running condition may gain or lose between five and eight seconds a day. More time gain/loss may require a slight adjustment of the regulator


  • Wind up your mechanical watch and set it aside for 24 hours to determine how much time it is losing. Time it against a quartz watch or clock. If the watch loses or gains less than eight seconds in 24 hours don't bother regulating it. If it gains or loses several minutes, there is something wrong with the movement and regulating it won't solve the problem. Take it to a watchmaker for repairs
  • Place the watch on a table before you decide to open it for adjustment. Gravity and position play a role in the accuracy of a mechanical watch. According to Rolex, the watch may gain a few seconds if you lay it face up and running for 24 hours. It will lose a few seconds if the watch is set on its side with the crown (winding knob) facing downward. It will lose more seconds if the watch is set on its side with the crown facing up
  • Use a case blade to open a snapdown case back of a mechanical watch if your positioning experiment does not work. Use a watchmaker's rubber ball, a wadded up ball of duct tape or rubberized jar opener to twist off counterclockwise a screwdown case back
  • Place the watch face down on a clean, flat surface. Use a jeweler's loupe or magnifying glass to find the regulator. The regulator will be a notch next to the balance wheel with a "+" and "- " on either side. Most watches, however, have a thin bar between the "+" and "-". Many luxury watches don't have regulators and must be serviced by a watchmaker
  • Use a toothpick or similar clean tool and move the bar a tiny fraction towards the "+" to make the movement gain time or towards "- " to slow it down. Use a screwdriver if the regular is a notch
  • Set the watch aside for two hours and time it again to determine the gain/loss of seconds. Keep the case back off. Record the gain/loss and multiply it by 12 to determine how many seconds are gained or lost in 24 hours. Continue making incremental adjustments until the gain/loss is less than eight seconds. Your final adjustment should be made only within 60 to 120 seconds

Package Included:

  • 1 x Watch