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Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat


It's quite usual for everyone to pursue fashion and beauty, including men. If you are looking for a stylish men suit for yourself or for someone special to you, you have got the right place. Here I highly recommend this fashion wool single breasted m...
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  • Made of high quality wool and terylene material, this men suit is comfortable to touch and wear
  • Stylish front design is the most attractive part of this men suit
  • Unique back vent design of this men suit will make you stand out in the crowd
  • Ideal for showing off your figure with a standard fit
  • With simple and elegant tailor, this men coat will make you attractive
  • Fashion and popular design of this casual men suit with standing test of time keeps your core nice and toasty
  • High quality material guarantees shrinking resistant  
  • Coating Material: Wool
  • Lining Material: Terylene


Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • The men suit is perfect for you to wear in cold weather

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • With simple and elegant tailor, this fashion coat will make you stand out at any occasion

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • The men overcoat will show your unique temperament and personal charm

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • You will be cool and handsome in the public with the men overcoat

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • The men coat is fashionable and cool with its unique front design

How to Measure Men's Suit Size:

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

Size in Detail: 


Shoulder Width


Sleeve Length




































  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Pick a Man's Overcoat:

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

An overcoat is an essential man's wardrobe item, no matter what you do for a living. It is especially important for a winter climate. Since the overcoat is one of the pricier items in a wardrobe and not necessarily something you buy every year, make the decision carefully. Read on to learn how to pick a man's overcoat


  • Look at your lifestyle and work. Think about how much time you spend outside working or walking and whether your wardrobe is mostly suits or casual clothes
  • Investigate overcoat fabrics. Microfibers and other synthetics are warm, but so are natural fabrics made from wool
  • Choose a size that fits and looks good but allows for layers underneath. A man's wardrobe versatility increases greatly with an overcoat that works for the workday and the weekend
  • Go for a classic overcoat style. Unless you can afford a new one every year, select an item that works for a few seasons
  • Check for pockets. Pockets in a man's overcoat, inside and outside, are a must
  • Select a neutral, dark color. Especially in a winter climate, you want a color that doesn't show dirt so the overcoat is not always at the cleaners

Men's Suit Guide:

Vivas Fashion Wool Single Breasted Men Overcoat

  • Decide what the suit is for before you buy it. Because "men's suit" can now mean so many different things, buying one isn't just as simple as walking into a department store and asking for a suit. A suit that one might purchase and wear for work is quite different than something that one might wear to a club or bar. It has even become acceptable to wear a suit jacket with jeans and a t-shirt in certain situations. The cut of the suit, number of buttons and what you wear underneath the suit all add to the formality and appropriateness of the men's suit in reference to which situation it may be worn in
  • The tuxedo. The tuxedo is as formal as men's suit can get. It is a suit that was born out of the men's military uniform. Pieces of the military regalia remain, with the traditional black satin stripe that runs down the outside of each leg. This is a suit that is made for the most traditional and formal of occasions, and will look out of place otherwise. Even within the world of the tuxedo, there are strata of formality. On the bottom is a cocktail style tuxedo, with a two or three button jacket, a cummerbund and tie, all black. Going more formal from there are the tuxedo jackets with tails, the less formal being the cut-away style. This is usually paired with a vest and tie, instead of cummerbund. White vest and tie are more formal than black. Finally, the morning style tuxedo jacket is the most formal. Often, this jacket is paired with a gray vest and cravat, instead of a bow tie 
  • The double-breasted suit. This suit was made popular in the 1920's and 1930's, and remained in high popularity until the late 1940's. It is a suit that conjures instant images of a time gone by, and is regarded by some as a bit of a costume piece. The double-breasted suit had a bit of resurgence in the late 1980's and early 1990's, but some men still prefer them to the traditional single-breasted style. If you are a portly man, this suit may not work well for you. The double-breasted design can make the torso of a man look wider than it actually is. These suits work best on tall, lean men
  • The single button suit. This suit first became popular in the 1950's, but regained massive popularity in the 1980's. During this decade, the fashionable men's suit silhouette was a wide shouldered look, with a synched waist at the single buttonhole, and pants that flare at the hips and taper at the ankle. The modern one button suit has become a much less extreme look and is the staple of the "laid back" suit look. These are suits that work great with a shirt and tie, but also look good with an untucked shirt, or even a nice t-shirt
  • Suit collars and lapels. There are as many different types of collars and lapels for suits as there are suit designers. Many types of lapels and collars are ubiquitous with the types of suits that they come with. For instance, a peak collar lapel is very often identified with a double-breasted suit. A shawl style lapel is a subtler and more formal lapel, which is often seen on tuxedo jackets, especially those with tails. A notch collar is the most common lapel, and is seen in most two and three button suits. The mandarin collar is a design that actually features no lapel, and a collar that is short and does not fold over. This is also known as a Nehru jacket, and is seen mostly in the food service and hotel industry

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Suit