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POVOS Mens Electric Rotary Shaver PS7513


To shave your face using electric shavers differs from regular shaving. You will not get as close of a shave, like you do with actual razors. Shaving can really irritate the skin. Finding the art of shaving with this Men Dual Head Rotary Rechargeable...
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  • Power: Rechargeable
  • 2-blade cutting system
  • Smart foil from the Netherlands - Unique foil pattern captures hair growing in different directions
  • 36° Acute angle stainless steel inner blade from Japan
  • Fully washable under running water for easy cleaning
  • Cord/ Cordless operation (PS6108)
  • Visual charge indicator: LED
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours/8 hours
  • Cordless operation time: 60mins
  • Universal voltage :AC 100~240V(built-in AC charging adapter)
  • Accessories: mains adaptor, travel box, cleaning brush
  • CE/GS/CB/RoHS/ETL approval
  • Color: Black
  • Details:
    POVOS Mens Electric Rotary Shaver  PS7513
  • The rotary electric shaver features fashionable appearance, makes you more attractive when hold it

  POVOS Mens Electric Rotary Shaver  PS7513


  • The men electric shaver features dual-blades, adjusts your face perfectly to make sure you have a good experience of shaving

 POVOS Mens Electric Rotary Shaver  PS7513


  • Outer package of the dual head electric shaver, a great gift for friends

How to Shave With an Electric Shaver:

POVOS Mens Electric Rotary Shaver  PS7513

In theory, shaving with an electric shaver is the ultimate in convenience and efficiency. In practice, however, most electric shavers may fall short when it comes to getting the same close and even shave you can achieve with a simple razor and shaving cream. With a little diligence and preparation, however, you can get that close shave you desire with an electric razor.

  • Keep the blades of your electric razor clean at all times in order to ensure great results. Most electric razors have a removable head or screen that allows you to clean the blades or shaving heads. Check with the owner's manual to find out whether you should use the supplied brush, or if you can actually rinse the blades under water.
  • Replace the blades or screen of your electric razor regularly. Under regular use, the screen on most shaving heads may become thin, and the blades may become dull after about a year. Keep plenty of spare blades and screens available in a spare drawer in your bathroom.
  • Bathe or shower in warm to hot water before you use an electric razor, which will help to open pores and soften hair follicles, making hair removal easier. Note, however, that your skin should be dry before you shave with an electric razor. Use a little talcum powder if you wish to speed the drying process.
  • Use an alcohol-based pre-shave lotion for better results when you use an electric shaver. These products remove excess oil from your skin, which forces hair to stand out for easier removal. If your skin is sensitive to alcohol, there are some alcohol-free products that may work equally well.
  • Shave against the direction of your hair, taking care not to go over the same spots repeatedly, which may cause skin irritation and razor burn. Use your fingers on one hand to pull your skin taut, while you shave with the other hand.
  • Apply an aftershave lotion or moisturizer. Aftershaves contain alcohol, which may cause stinging or dryness, so unless you have oily skin, a moisturizer may be preferable.
  • Give your skin two to three weeks to acclimate to the use of an electric razor before you expect perfect results. Electric shavers remove hair very differently than manual razors, and your skin will need time to react accordingly.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men Electric Shaver