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Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat


Are you searching for a unique overcoat? If so, we are excited to recommend you the fashionable Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat. Side button and unique collar designs, make this mens belted overcoat cool and fashion. Made of high quality m...
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  • Come with side button and unique collar designs, cool and fashion
  • With notched lapels, welt pockets at chest and sides
  • Timeless mens belted overcoat layers over a puffer vest liner
  • Straight off the runway, this classic mens belted overcoat shows off your savvy style
  • The mens belted overcoat is always a must have popular choice for the rising career men
  • Embedded with the latest fabric technology, this mens woolen overcoat protects against the wind, rain, and snow
  • Stay at the forefront of style with this fine detail and fashion design mens belted overcoat
  • You're flying high on the heavenly style of this fabulous mens belted overcoat
  • Quilted and lined for reliable winter comfort
  • Coating Material: Woolen
  • Lining Material: Nylon


Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • This luxury long woolen coat features fine tailoring that makes it extraordinary in every detail

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • Cut to fit and super versatile, this mens belted overcoat is sure to become an all-time wearing coat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • Its fine details and fashion design will complete the look that is professional and polished

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • Side button, unique collar and belt designs, make this mens belted overcoat cool and fashion

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Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

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  • The size detail bases on "Help/Buying Guide/Conversion Reference"
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How to Pick a Overcoat:

An overcoat is an essential wardrobe item, no matter what you do for a living. The coat is especially important for a winter climate. Since the coat is one of the pricier items in a wardrobe and not necessarily something you buy every year, make the decision carefully. Read on to learn how to pick a overcoat

  • Look at your lifestyle and work. Think about how much time you spend outside walking or working and whether your wardrobe is mostly suits or casual clothes
  • Investigate overcoat fabrics. Microfibers, duffel, woolen and other synthetics are warm
  • Choose a size that fits and looks good, but allows for layers underneath. A wardrobe versatility increases greatly with an coat that works for the workday and the weekend
  • Go for a classic overcoat style. Select a coat that works for a few seasons
  • Check for pockets. Pockets in the overcoat, inside and outside, are a must
  • Select a neutral or dark color. Especially in a winter climate, you want a color that doesn't show dirt so the coat is not always at the cleaners

How to Take Care of Woolen Overcoat:

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

Every person is addicted to shopping. Costly or cheap things that attract to eyes are to be purchased. But one thing is necessary that is maintenance of these things. Likewise warm and woolen clothes are also purchased for winter season. But purchasing is not enough, their maintenance is also essential to give your warm clothes to long life

  • Use steam iron to iron the woolen clothes
  • Dry clean the new purchased woolen clothes before wearing it.
  • Don't hang the woolen clothes directly to the sunlight for drying
  • Doesn't iron the slight wet or moisture contain woolen clothes because its shine and color can be faded
  • Don't hang it on the hanger for drying otherwise the it won't we well shaped
  • Pay attention towards the sleeves of the woolen clothes while on drying it otherwise the sleeves become loose
  • Turn over the clothes while washing and drying
  • Don't put woolen clothes on moist place
  • Before wearing the woolen clothes put them in direct sunlight for some time because there might be some smell in it, that disappear in the sunlight. And iron it before wearing

How to Wash:

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • Everyone has a few woolen items in their closets, but many of us don't know how to wash them. As a result, we often spend a lot of money having these items dry-cleaned when we could actually clean them just as well ourselves. Read the following to get started
  • Follow the instructions. If there is a manufacturer's tag on the item, follow the directions carefully
  • Use only lukewarm water. To clean the garment properly, allow for adequate sudsing. Avoid using hot water since it can shrink the fabric
  • Keep it short. Woolens should not be left in wash water for more than 15 minutes. Before removing, rinse several times in cool water
  • Freeze white woolens. Once your white woolens have been washed and rinsed, place them in the freezer for an hour and a half. The cold temperature has a harmless bleaching effect
  • Dry on a flat surface. This prevents your woolens from becoming too stretched or out of shape
  • Fix your mistakes. If a woolen was washed in the machine by accident, reshape it by soaking in lukewarm water. Use a mild hair shampoo to lather and then rinse the item several times

Tips & Warning:

Besta Unique Antique Woolen Belted Mens Overcoat

  • Add several drops of glycerine to the final rinse water to make your woolens feel softer and less scratchy
  • After freezing woolens, allow them to thaw naturally. Lay flat to dry
  • Keep your delicate woolens in shape by using a shape preserver. While the item is still dry, place the woolens clothes on a large sheet of paper and trace its shape. Wash the item as normal, then pin it to the paper using the outline as a guide. Let dry in this form
  • If your sweater or coat ribbing or cuffs are stretched out, dip the affected area in very hot water and it should shrink back to normal

Package Included:

  • 1 x Mens Overcoat