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Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt


If you are looking for a stylish and half sleeve hooded T-shirt, you have got the right place here.This men T-shirt is very classy to wear, and can let you experience the comfort of pure natural. You will be more handsome and attractive with the half...
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  • This designer T-shirt with fine details and fashion design will complete the look that is professional and polished
  • The men T-shirt is always a popular choice for the rising career men, and allows you to experience the comfort of pure natural
  • Made of high quality  material, the men T-shirt is durable and classy to wear
  • Pure color creates a very eye-catching visual effects, and fashion degree point
  • Wearing this hooded T-shirt, your attractive charm and inside temperament will be reflected vividly and incisively
  • The whole hooded T-shirt is made of high quality stretch material for you to wear comfortably
  • Color: Black


Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • The hooded T-shirt with stylish design will make you mysterious and attractive

Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • The cool men T-shirt made of soft material  gives you drip-draped feelings vividly

Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • The hooded design has decorative function and practical usages with simple style

Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • It is widely acceptable when you match the men T-shirt with similar color embellishment

Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • The designer T-shirt slims your figure perfectly and surely makes you a prince of fashion

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Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

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How to Wash T-Shirts:

Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

Style is a personal matter, and some people prize their t-shirts above everything else in their wardrobes. While cotton or cotton-blend shirts are easy to wash, preserving their new look can be tricky. For best results, start as soon as you get the shirt. Learn how to keep those team, vacation souvenir or concert t-shirts clean and looking as good as the day you bought them

Fight Stains and Come Clean:

  • Apply stain remover to visible stains on shirts in the ugly pile. Use a commercial stain remover according to its directions. Let the shirts rest awhile, with the stain remover on them, before you wash them
  • Check the labels on the bad pile. Any shirts labeled "cold-water wash" should be routed to the good pile
  • Wash the good pile in cold water. Turn decorated shirts, such as those with paint, silk-screening or other printing on them, inside out first
  • Load the bad pile in the washing machine and use the warm-water setting
  • Place the ugly pile of shirts in the machine and close the lid securely. Wash them on warm or in the most extreme cases, hot
  • Dry t-shirts on high and remove them promptly to avoid wrinkles. Hangers can be used to keep them that way

How To Wash T-Shirts So They Won't Shrink:

 Qmclayrais Slim Hooded Half Sleeve Designer Men T-shirt

  • Treat any stains on your T-shirts with a stain stick or stain remover, if they are particularly soiled. Separate your shirts into light and dark piles and wash each pile separately
  • Place your T-shirts into the washing machine and set your machine to use cold water and the delicate cycle. Hot water and rough washing cycles designed for bulky items will encourage your shirts to shrink
  • Put the appropriate amount of detergent into the washing machine. Use a detergent specifically formulated for cold water to get your shirts as clean as possible without using warm or hot water
  • Remove the T-shirts when the washing cycle is finished
  • Hang your damp shirts on plastic hangers and let them air-dry. Heat is what causes your T-shirts to shrink, so avoid using the dryer as much as possible. While you may be tempted to put your T-shirts in the sun to dry faster, the heat from the sun may shrink your T-shirts. Instead, place them out of the sun in a room with good air flow
  • Let your T-shirts hang until they are completely dry. It will likely take at least a day
  • Plug in an iron and set it on its lowest setting. Air-drying will not remove wrinkles the way a clothes dryer will, so your shirts will probably be quite wrinkled once they are dry. This step is optional, and you can skip it if you are not concerned with a few wrinkles. Quickly move the iron over the T-shirt to remove some of the larger wrinkles, but avoid using the high heat settings
  • Look for preshrunk T-shirts when you buy shirts in the future. Preshrunk shirts may shrink slightly, but not as much as other cotton T-shirts. You should still avoid using the dryer, even if your shirt was designed to resist shrinkage

Package Included:

  • 1 x Men T-shirt