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Kingub Kara OK Two-microphone Set for Computer MS520 3 +


This microphone and mixer set is the ideal conference room set up for installed sound system paging, music distribution and messaging applications. With many practical and exciting features, the 5203+ delivers truly professional performance. One of t...
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  • It has high-definition audio
  • Extremely User Friendly Affordable, sturdy and stylish, it will meet and exceed all your expectations
  • Sturdy, reliable metal construction and electromagnetic shielding
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and install
  • Shock mount system reduces handling noise
  • Echo effects quite well on sound analysis and processing and filtering the sound of the noise, rendering the atmosphere of a KTV


Kingub Kara OK Two-microphone Set for Computer MS520 3 +

  • Here is a professional Kara OK Microphone

Kingub Kara OK Two-microphone Set for Computer MS520 3 +

  • The detail of the microphone

Kingub Kara OK Two-microphone Set for Computer MS520 3 +

  • This microphone is durable and easy to use

How to Replace a Karaoke Microphone?

  • One of the most exciting developments for computer and console games since the year 2000 has been the advent of rhythm games such as "Rockband," "Guitar Hero," "DJ Hero" and "Singstar." All of these games implement new peripheral devices such as guitars or karaoke microphones in addition to the standard controller. Because these devices are often wired directly to the console, they are prone to damage from normal usage. Fortunately, microphones can be replaced.
  • Carefully remove the old karaoke microphone from the adapter; properly dispose of it.
  • Remove the old universal serial bus (USB) adapter from the PlayStation console.
  • Insert the new USB adapter to the PlayStation USB port, typically in the third or fourth port position. On the PlayStation 2 (PS2), you may use the second USB port.
  • Plug the end of the microphone cord into the round slot on the USB adapter.
  • Reset the PlayStation.

Package Included:

  • 2 x Microphones
  • 1 x Converter
  • 1 x Connecting Line