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Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker


If you are looking for a good Subwoofer, you can watch this Subwoofer Speaker. It is very boring to listen to music alone with earphone or headphone but it will be interesting when you share the music with the 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Sub...
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  • Resonant Frequency: 70HZ
  • Frequency Sound: F0-8800HZ
  • Sensitivity: 89db
  • Impedance: 6 Ω
  • Rated Power: 70W
  • Total Q Value: 0.39 Qts  
  • Equivalent Volume: Vas
  • Vibration Quality: Mms
  • Voice Coil Diameter: φ 2.5cm/1.0in
  • Magnets Diameter: φ 8.0cm/3.1in


  • The unique convertible feature lets the removable tweeter to be used in both coax and component applications
  • The perfect sound solution upgrade with this Mid bass Home Subwoofer Speaker
  • Give you low distortion and powerful bass at high sound press levels
  • Feature high-impact grill and frame and magnetic shielding integrated into the basket
  • High quality Best Subwoofer Speaker with the most accurate and precise in-vehicle speaker performance
  • Designed to provide high quality sound continuous
  • This Subwoofer Speaker is the best choice for the serious player
  • This classical good quality Home Subwoofer Speaker is really your best choice for you 


 Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

  • The body of the Subwoofer Speaker is iron design, for general speaker, have a big advantage sound quality and it is easy to install

 Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

  • The Subwoofer Speaker is made of high technology ang material, it will give you shock beautiful sounds

 Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

  • You can use this best Subwoofer Speaker at home to other needed places

 Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

  • This picture is the bottom case of this Subwoofer, it is durable and can use a long time

 Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

  • This Subwoofer have simple but special design make the operation more convenient

About Subwoofer Speakers:

Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

Subwoofers amplify sounds with low frequencies emanating from a speaker system to improve the overall listening experience. When properly installed, subwoofers provide a richer auditory experience with more visceral physical feedback to go along with the music. When improperly installed and configured, however, it can result in out-of-sync sounds or a drowning out of midrange and high frequencies


  • For most home audio buyers, the subwoofer is mysterious. Speakers have an obvious purpose, but subwoofers only seem to throb and boom. In fact, a subwoofer is a machine for amplifying the lowest frequencies discernible by the human ear--those between 20 and 80 Hz. This increases the texture of the sound, creating more tactile vibration to bring the rich bass out from a piece of music or video


  • It can be a process of trial and error to get a subwoofer working properly within a certain listening environment. Placement of the subwoofer is also important. It may be beneficial to contract with a home audio technician to discern how best to place speakers and subwoofers in relation to one another. The subwoofer can actually do more harm than good to sound quality if it is placed poorly or if the room acoustics do not allow for the clear transmission of sound. Placing the subwoofer close to the speakers is usually ideal, but it doesn't have to be in the center. In some rooms, placing it to the side of either speaker can be ideal


  • Be prepared to return your subwoofer if it does not sound good with your home system. Play a sample track with plenty of bass sound using the same settings with your sound system. Move the subwoofer around the room. If you hear a lot of booming or rattling in the sound, it's a sign that the placement is poor or that it is not appropriately configured for your system. The sound should be clear, undistorted and powerful


  • Downward-firing subwoofers can make the floor throb in time to the music or whatever movie you're watching, but they can also disturb the downstairs neighbors. It's not advisable to get one if you live in an apartment building. Forward-firing subwoofers provide a cleaner sound, with perhaps less of a powerful physical vibration coming through. Passive radiators provide more omnidirectional sound. Port subwoofers have attached mechanisms that push out more air, which increases the impact of the sound


  • Properly installing the right subwoofer for your speaker setup greatly enhances the listening experience. Much of the sound put out by a subwoofer is not audible to the human ear, but it is felt by the body. Without a subwoofer, quality headphones provide a superior listening experience to any speaker system. With a good subwoofer, it can re-create the experience of being in a concert hall, with all the joyous sensations of aural immersion that go with it

How to Install Subwoofers in a Car:

Garsin MG-5008 5inch Super Practical Cone Open Subwoofer Speaker

Most car manufacturers do not include subwoofers with the factory stereo system. The process of installing them can be complicated, so avoid hassle by purchasing a prefabricated enclosure box equipped with subwoofers. Make sure you gain proper knowledge as well as tools, so your installation is a success, as an improper installation can cause damage to your vehicle

  • Reconfigure the speaker hookups on your four-channel amplifier so that the front and rear speakers already in the system are using the 2 front channels of the amplifier. The front channels of the amplifier should have a high-pass crossover to work these speakers
  • Bridge the rear channels of the amplifier into mono so that the amplifier will supply twice the power. The instructions that came with the amplifier will show you how to do this
  • Wire the two subwoofers into the amplifier using 12-gauge speaker wire (unless otherwise specified by the instrutions). The rear channel of the amplifier should have a low-pass crossover
  • Test to see what the best crossover point is for the subwoofers
  • It is recommended to use metal L-brackets to brace the enclosure. Secure the box to the floor, a wall or the rear deck. Be sure to place silicone around the bracket so that air will not leak from the box. Note: If your spare tire is located in your trunk (which is common on most vehicles), you may want to skip this step

Package Included:

  • 1 x Subwoofer Speaker