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180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)


Do you want to listen to the best songs of the world? Do you want to listen to the voice of the soul in music? If so, this Portable speaker is your must-have accessory. With this mini speaker, all your dreams such like that will be realize!  The...
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  • Bass is pure. Unique design, the sound quality is good
  • This Mini Speaker also can support the computer, laptop's music playback
  • Good voice and nice sound from this Best Speaker
  • Outstanding appearance and wonderful sound effect brings you more happiness and excitement
  • This is Multimedia Speaker, excellent all-around performer and it is designed to be a simple-to-install upgrade to your Audio system
  • Metal shell, more noble, fashion and unique
  • This mini speaker can rotate 180°with light
  • The appearance of high-grade, you can enjoy the music everywhere
  • Frequency Response: 110HZ-18KHZ
  • Rated Power: 3W+3W
  • Power Indicator: 5V/1A
  • SNR: > 80db


180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

  • You can enjoy the best of engineered sound with This Mini Speaker
  • With USB interface, you can use U disk to play songs

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

  • This home stereo speaker is absolutely the most fantastic Speaker for you

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

  • The Speaker base is stable, it can reduce resonance effectively

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

  • This mini multimedia speaker can rotate 180°with light
  • This Home Subwoofer Speaker is also a perfect decoration for your room around your computer and other stuffs 

How to Set Up Surround Sound Speakers:

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

The following is a how to for setting up your home theater surround sound speaker system for a soul-shattering effect. The article is set up specifically for optimizing your living room, den or entertainment room and does not deal with specific installation

  • Place the left and right front speakers in an equilateral triangle with your viewing seat, closer to the viewing seat than the television is, unless you have no center channel speaker. Toe in (angle) the left and right front speakers up to 30 degrees so that most sound seems to be coming from the television
  • If you don't have a center channel speaker, place the front speakers next to the television
  • Place the center channel speaker close to the television - on top or in the same cabinet if possible
  • Set up the subwoofer anywhere you have room
  • Set up the rear speakers behind and to the sides of the viewing seat. Place them higher than the front speakers
  • Aim the rear speakers at each other

How to Install a Home Speaker:

180° Rotate With Light Mini Multimedia Speaker(Red)

Installing a home stereo speaker or set of speakers is often the last task standing in your way of enjoying a new stereo system. All you really want to do is put in your favorite music, sit down and listen. Instead, you're standing in your living room with a handful of loose wires trying to figure out how to get the speaker installed properly. While it can be confusing the first time, installing a home stereo speaker doesn't require too much skill or knowledge

  • Determine where you want the speaker(s) placed. This depends on the layout of your room, design of your speakers and personal preference. In a simple stereo configuration, put the left and right speakers in each corner of the wall in front of the listening position (couch or chair). They should be a foot or two away from the wall. Angle them toward the listening position. The acoustics and organization of your room may require different set up
  • Get the correct speaker cable. Measure out the distance from your receiver/amplifier to each speaker and purchase an appropriately sized speaker cable. For most accurate measurement, run some string along the path where the wire will run and measure it. If you're using a spool, cut the speaker cable to size
  • Connect the speaker to your receiver or amplifier. Use the appropriate (left or right) speaker output on the back of the receiver. Connect one individual wire from your speaker cable to the positive terminal and one to the negative terminal. Run the speaker cable to the speaker, and connect the positive wire to the positive input terminal and the negative to the negative input terminal. Be sure that the polarities of the receiver and speaker correctly align. You can use connector plugs or simply clamp the bare wire into the terminals
  • Set up the speakers in the receiver/preamplifier menu. Refer to your user's manual for instructions on how to set speakers as "Large" or "Small" on your receiver


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Package Included:

  • 1 x Mini Multimedia Speaker