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deji Excellent Quality Portable Mobile Phone Charger For Apple 5 & iPhone 4s


Are you a fan of iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? This excellent quality portable mobile phone charger for Apple 5 & iPhone 4s is very suitable for you. Mini style makes this phone charger very portable. You can take it with you without any worries. It can c...
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  • Compatible with: iPhone 4s/Apple5/HTC/Anycall/Millet phone/Nokia/LG/Blackberry/Sony Ericsson/MEIZU/MOTOROLA And Others Products
  • Battery Capacity:5200mAh
  • Support:Solar Energy
  • Brand: Other Brand
  • Made in Asia
  • Just put your iPhone on it, and take away it when you leave, your iPhone are charged during that time
  • This iPhone 4s charger is very convenient to use
  • This phone charger is  distinctive and outstanding than that of other similar products does
  • iPhone 4s charger extends the time that you can use your device -ideal for long flights, outdoor activities, business trips
  • High quality, high capacity, light weight rechargeable battery
  • Have the function of overcharge protection, with built-in battery life microchip
  • The phone charger is convenient for travelers and business users
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deji Excellent Quality Portable Mobile Phone Charger For Apple 5 & iPhone 4s

  • This fashion style portable charger is very suitable for you

deji Excellent Quality Portable Mobile Phone Charger For Apple 5 & iPhone 4s

  • Mini style makes this charger very portable and you can take it with you without any worries

deji Excellent Quality Portable Mobile Phone Charger For Apple 5 & iPhone 4s

  • The charger is designed for people who has busy calls, who need longer talking time, and who go without an access to an external charging alternative

How to Charge Your iPhone Correctly

  • Your iPhone's lithium-ion battery is rechargeable but not immortal. It will operate at full capacity for 400 charge cycles, which means using 100% of your battery even if you drain 60% one day and 40% the next after charging it overnight. After that, the battery will operate only at 80% capacity. Typically, the battery lasts two or three years; but that depends on how often you use your iPhone. Despite the its limited life, you can get the most out of your iPhone battery by properly charging it.
  • Dock your iPhone to your computer, or plug it into a socket with the proper attachment, with the white USB cord that came in its box. If you have an older iPod with a similar looking cord, it will not work. Make sure that your computer is turned on. The battery will not charge if your computer is off. It will take approximately two hours to charge the battery to 80% capacity and another two hours to charge the final 20%.
  • Calibrate your battery once a month by using it until it turns off because it has no power. When you dock your iPhone, a red battery will appear on the screen for approximately 2 minutes until it has enough of a charge to power up. Doing this will synchronize the fuel gauge so that it will accurately reflect how much charge your battery has left. Try to do this no more than once a month. Completely discharging lithium-ion batteries too much will have an adverse effect.
  • Optimize your iPhone settings so that you will have longer charge cycles and thus a longer battery life. Tap the "Settings" icon, and turn off the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Push notifications for any Application that uses them, as well as the EQ settings for the iPod feature when you are not using them. When any of these are on, they drain the battery even when it is not in use. Lower the brightness of the screen and turn on the "Auto-Brightness" feature, which will adjust your screen's brightness according to the level of light. Also, if you are not using your phone, turn off the 3G setting by tapping the "Settings" icon followed by "General" and "Network." Ac active 3G connection drains the battery, too.
  • Use your iPhone battery regularly. If you use a portable battery charger to extend the life of your battery, let your iPhone partially drain its battery. It is important to keep the electrons within moving.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Charger for iPhone 4/4S
  • 1 x USB Conversion Line
  • 8 x Conversion Heads
  • 1 x Aadapter