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Legrowth USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X


What you are viewing is a USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X, if you want to have a high quality monocular biological microscope, this one comes to be your best choice!The 220V USB Monocular Microscope is with excellent optical system...
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  • Total Magnification: 100X-1600X
  • Wide-angle Eyepiece: WF10X/18mm; H16X
  • Observation Tube: Monocular TV head, 30 ° tilt, 360 degree rotation
  • Achromatic Lens: 10X; 40X (shells); 100X (shells)
  • Converter: 3 holes
  • Support: Coarse micro coaxial focusing mechanism, route: 20mm, micro precision: 1.3mm
  • Loading Table: Mechanical single-deck mobile platform, 110 x 120mm, 60 x 30mm
  • Optical Collector: N.A. = 1.25 Variable diaphragm, lever lifting
  • Light Source: Critical illumination
  • Power: Electronic Transformers
  • Voltage Plug: Halogen lamp 220V/50Hz
  • Material: Alloy
  • Color: Buff & Black


  • Monocular microscope with adopt modular design, flexible combination
  • Excellent optical system design makes this monocular microscope with optical components are coated, clear imaging, wide field of vision
  • USB Monocular Biological Microscope is suitable for secondary school, college, medical and health agencies, quarantine, testing and clinical testing, fish farming, livestock breeding purposes


Legrowth USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X

  • This USB biological microscope is with excellent optical system design, and with optical components, provides you clear imaging and wide field of visio

Legrowth USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X

  • The monocular biological microscope adopts modular design, with flexible combination

Legrowth USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X

Legrowth USB Monocular Biological Microscope XSP-35TV-1600X

  • Made of high quality material, the monocular biological microscope is durable and reliable for long time use


  • Suitable for children above 12 years old

What Is a Biological Microscope?

Biological microscopes are microscopes used for viewing biological fluids under high magnification. They are used in high schools, universities and professional scientific laboratories. Biological microscopes come in a variety of types and prices.


  • There are two main types of biological microscopes. They differ based on magnification. A low-power, or dissection, microscope is used for looking closely at larger things like removed organs or dissected insects. A high-power, compound-light microscope has a higher magnification and is used to see bacteria, parasites and other small organisms on a glass slide.


  • Magnification on a biological microscope is the primary factor in cost and use. Whether high powered or low powered, scientists can choose between zoom optics or fixed magnification optics. Zoom optics gives continuous magnification across a wide zoom range while fixed optics have four to five set magnifications on a rotating turret.


  • Although microscopes may differ slightly, there are common features of all microscopes. Starting with a sturdy base, there are two knobs for adjusting the focus: a fine-adjustment knob and a course-adjustment knob. Near the larger knob is the stage where the scientist places the specimen under stage clips. The arm of the microscope connects to the magnification device and a body tube angles upwards to the eye piece for viewing.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Microscope