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Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies


A good mosquito net not only can protect you from mosquitoes, but also can be an excellent decoration for your room and bed. The pink bed canopy can perfectly decorate your bed and show your high taste. This soft mosquito canopy is well des...
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  • Made of fashionable and durable materials, this mosquito net is elegant in style and good in quality
  • Well manufactured with mesh and silk, this princess bed canopy is anti-fade, shrink resistant and soft to touch
  • The shade canopy is perfect for keeping all the terrible and annoying flying bugs, mosquitoes and insects out at night  
  • The bed canopy is designed to keep any flying insect out
  • This mosquito net can create an romantic personal space for you
  • This beautiful princess bed canopy makes your every morning refreshed
  • You will have a quite and peaceful dream with this mosquito net
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Mesh & Silk


Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • With elegant style and good materials, this mosquito net is popular with those who pay much attention to subjective sleep quality

Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • Made of mesh and silk, This bed canopy is soft for touching and durable for long time using

Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • This princess home bed mosquito canopy is fully functional not only for decoration purposes but also for protection against insects

Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • You can have a quiet and safe sleeping with the shade canopy as room decoration

Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  •  The leopard pattern lacework will not shrink and make this shade canopy different from others

Size in Detail:


Suitable Bed(W x L)




46.8 x 78.0

120 x 200


58.5 x 78.0

150 x 200


70.2 x 78.0

180 x 200


78.0 x 85.8

200 x 220


  • These dimensions are for reference only. Specific dimension varies from person to person

How to Assemble Together a Canopy:

 Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • Measure the height of your room, from the floor to the ceiling, using the measuring tape
  • Purchase a large embroidery hoop (about 17- to 20-inches in diameter) as the frame. Purchase the fabric that you'd like to assemble on your canopy frame. Buy the fabric in twice the height of the room, plus two extra feet
  • Take out the inner circle of the embroidery hoop and set it aside
  • Lay your fabric flat onto a clean surface. Put the inner circle under the fabric, and center it in the middle. Place the outer, larger circle gently on top of the inner circle--the fabric will be between the hoops. Pull two feet of fabric through the outer circle; then push the outer circle down to fit over the inner circle, holding the fabric in place
  • Thread fishing line through the top of the fabric. Tie the fishing line in a knot
  • Determine where above your bed you'd like the assembled canopy to hang. Keep in mind, the canopy should be centered over the bed. Also, make sure that the canopy is not too close to the wall; if it is, the canopy will tip. Screw the screw hook into the ceiling at the spot where you'd like it to hang
  • Bring the assembled canopy up to the hook. Tie the attached fishing line to the hook in the ceiling. Tie the line in a double knot to secure the canopy. Adjust the canopy so the opening of the fabric is at the foot of the bed 

How to Put Up a Car Canopy:

 Kinghome Lovely Princess Leopard Home Decor Bed Mosquito Canopies

  • Clear enough space in your driveway, or whichever location you will be using the canopy. Take the amount of ground space the assembled canopy is supposed to take up and double it, because you'll need enough space also to lay out all the materials
  • Construct the roof frame for the canopy. Almost all canopies will use some type of sloped roof to keep rain or snow from collecting. The assembly should form three crossbars -- one at the canopy's crest and one on each side -- and four or more support poles on each side that connect to the crossbars to form a triangular roof
  • Install the vertical stand-up poles for the canopy. There should be one pole for each support pole on the roof, and each vertical pole connects to a side crossbar at the same spot as a support pole. These poles may connect through locking holes or fittings
  • Insert each vertical pole into its own base stand. Every pole should have its own base that fits onto the bottom of each pole to balance each pole and prevent it from damaging or being damaged by the surface
  • Connect the tarp to the canopy frame. The tarp will at least cover the roof of the canopy, while some models can have it drape across the entire frame. Secure the tarp with the canopy's included tarp ties or ropes that go through each hole along the tarp's edge

Package Included:

  • 1 x Canopy