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BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player


If you are looking forward to having some excellent Mini MP3 Player, this Mini MP3 Player will be a very good choice. This 2GB MP3 Player is one of our amazing collections this year. With 2GB flash memory, this Cow Shaped MP3 Player supports MP3, WMA...
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  • Primary Function: 2GB Cow-Head Shaped MP3 Player
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Music Format: MP3 and WMA
  • Max Bitrate: 320K bps
  • Output of Earphones: Max 5mw x 2(32ohm)
  • Output of Speaker: Max 10mw (32ohm)
  • USB: 2.0
  • Compatible Systems: Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA(32 bit version only)/7(32 bit version only)
  • Power Source: Built-in Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery - Charges via USB
  • Playtime: 3-4 hours with external speaker, 6 hours with earphones
  • Dimensions: 52 x 39 x 19mm/2.3 x 2.5 x 1.2in(L x W x D)


  • Popular resale item
  • Doubles as a 2GB flash drive 
  • Unique cow-head shaped desige
  • Built-in Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery
  • This fashion design Mini MP3 Player is high quality sound output, stylish design in a compact case
  • USB2.0 high speed transmission, you can share the beautiful sound with your friends or family together


BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped Mini MP3 Player
  • This Mini MP3 Player makes it easy to enjoy up to 4GB of your favorite MP3 files wherever you go

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • Built-in Rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery
  • This fashion design Mini MP3 Player is high quality sound output, stylish design in a compact case. USB2.0 high speed transmission, you can share the beautiful sound with your friends or family together

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • With built-in rechargeable large capacity lithium-ion battery, you can play with this 2GB MP3 Player or listen to the music for many hours

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • Besides, with USB 2.0 connection, you can easily access the device to your computer to download and upload songs

Methods of Improving MP3 Playback Quality:

  • Download the song from a paid website. If you want the best playback quality, purchase your music from the iStore of iTunes. If you get your songs from a free file sharing website, you may not always get the best quality possible. Sometimes, the songs are improperly labeled or cut off in the end. For a dollar a song, it's worth paying the small amount of cash to get a recorded song the same quality as from a compact disk
  • Record the song from an original CD. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good quality recording is to make a copy from an original CD that you have purchased. This way, you are sure that the song is recorded in its entirety. Also, the song titles will automatically be transferred to iTunes so you don't have to manually label each song
  • Use a high bit rate when recording. Use at least a 192 KB or 256KB when recording a song to ensure the best quality sound. If you record at a lower bit rate, you may not get the best results
  • Use a program. You can try Audacity, Wavelab or Winmap to manipulate the quality of the sound. You can reduce white noise and manipulate your equalizer settings before recording to improve sound. You may also try Sony's Sound Forge to get better results. MP3 Doctor is another program that you can download to help you improve the sound quality of your MP3 music. There are many sound editing programs available for download so check it out. most programs have good pre-settings so even a novice user can navigate through it
  • Manipulate the setting on iTunes. If you have already downloaded the song, you can still adjust the settings on iTunes. To do this, select the song you want to fix. When it is selected, click on File on the toolbar. Select Get Info. When you click on Get info, a smaller pop up window will appear. Click on Options. You will now be able to adjust the equalizer settings or the volume of the song as it is played on your MP3 player. Repeat the process as needed on all the songs that need to be adjusted

How to Connect Your MP3 Player to Car Stereo:

  • Connecting your mp3 player to your car stereo requires a basic level of knowledge regarding radios and electronics. If you don't know much about these topics, read about them in articles or books or ask someone to help you
  • Buy your equipment at radio or electronics stores. You could also find them in online stores. You may require a stereo cable, an RCA cord, an FM transmitter and a cassette tape adapter. If you don't plan on buying, find out whether you already have these or borrow from friends
  • Use an input/output cable. If your car has an Aux-in jack with its stereo unit, you could plug the cord of the Mp3 player into it. Make sure that your Mp3 is fully charged and turn it on. Go to the menu where you are asked to select the input device: you can find options such as Aux, AM, FM, and CD player. Choose the Aux option
  • You could also connect your Mp3 player using an RCA cord. Remove the stereo from its console. Look for the red and white ends at the back of the stereo, and plug these into the red and white ends of the RCA. Plug the RCA cord into the Mp3 player and turn it on
  • Use a cassette tape adapter. Plug the cord of the cassette tape adapter into your Mp3 player. Slide the cassette into the cassette deck and play it. The volume may sound a little bit softer than usual, so adjust the volume of your mp3 player and your car stereo as well. Just make sure that you insert the cassette properly to avoid getting your tape stuck

How to Choose a MP3 Player:

  • Consider the amount of storage available. At the lower end of the market a 512mb to 1 GB player will generally hold up to 200 songs
  • Think about portability; if you have an active lifestyle then you will need a player that is small and compact. If you intend to use your player whilst jogging or whilst training in the Gym then a flash based system will be a better choice as they contain no moving parts and therefore won't skip
  • Decide on the type of interface you want. Will the interface be easy to access and use on the move or will it require 100% of your attention to choose your songs? This is one area that is often overlooked and is one of the major areas of dissatisfaction among users
  • Examine how the device is powered. Many MP3 players come with built in rechargeable batteries, whilst these are very convenient and can last for a long time, if you are not able to recharge them or don't have access to a computer with a USB port you then you will need to wait to charge the player up

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • Trouble hearing the sound, please confirm whether the volume is turns on and the files are complete, for the damaged mp3 or wma files may make noise or even can not be play by the player
  • Trouble downloading music, please confirm whether the USB line is good, the connection is correct and the player has available capacity
  • Trouble connecting the player with the PC, check the USB connecting status

BaiYuYi 2GB Small Moo Cow Shaped MP3 Player

  • Avoid using mp3 player in high-intensity magnetic field, highfield, high temperature and moist situation
  • Do not wet the USB port, or it will be oxidized
  • Avoid shock, over shock will destroy the interior disks
  • Do not keep the batteries in the mp3 player for long time (if it is powered by outer power source); the weeping of batteries will damage the player
  • To avoid the performance of Li-Po battery decreasing, please keep full charge if without using it over 30days

Package Included: 

  • 1 x Cow MP3 Player
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Earphone