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Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function


Immerse yourself in the music world with this amazing 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player!The 2GB MP3 player has a clip. Listen to your music via the built-in speaker or plug in the included earphones for privacy. The 2GB MP3 player is equipped with i...
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  • Memory Type:Flash memory
  • Memory Capacity: 2GB
  • Display Type: OLED
  • Control Type: Button
  • Audio Format: MP3 / WMA / WAV
  • E-Book Formats: TXT
  • Lyric Formats: LRC
  • Connection Type: USB 2.0
  • Compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP, Linux 2.4.2
  • Headphones Jack: 3.5 mm Stereo jack
  • Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Work Time: 3-5 hours
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Tuner Bands: FM
  • FM Radio: 87.5 MHz-108.0 MHz
  • Product Type: MP3 Player
  • SNR: 85db
  • Language: Multi-Languages
  • Dimension: 50 x 30 x 8 mm / 1.9 x 1.2 x 0.3 (L x W x H)


  • This OLED MP3 Player is a great all around player
  • OLED MP3 Player features multiple file format support including audio, text and so on
  • The 2GB MP3 Player is the perfect companion for people on the go
  • Excellent sound quality and 6EQ modes available, normal, pop, classic, jazz, rock, bass


Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function

  • OLED MP3 Player is very small and can be attached to a pocket opening or waistband with the built-in clip,and there is a clip,it's convenient 

 Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function

  • Easy and friendly interface, listen to your music via the built-in speaker or plug in the included earphones for privacy

Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function

  • The 2GB MP3 player is equipped with innovative new software that empowers you to glide through music, radio stations

Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function

  • OLED MP3 Player has a color display with video playback, and for easier navigation and viewing of artist and song titles, or playing your favorite videos and movies

Oppon 2GB Fashion Deisgn OLED MP3 Player with Screen & Clip & FM Function

  • This 2GB OLED Digital MP3 Player is exactly made for you, which stores more songs, hours of videos or hundreds of pictures

How to Buy the Right MP3 Player?

  • What's your price range? Quality MP3 players can range from one to several hundred dollars. Before you start looking around for an MP3 player to buy, figure out the maximum amount you can afford to spend
  • Where do you get your media from? Some subscription services out there (i.e., Napster) don't support every MP3 player on the market. Be sure to check with your subscription service to get a list of supported models before buying an MP3 player. Otherwise, you may end up having to look elsewhere for your media
  • What do you want your MP3 player to do? Back when MP3 players started hitting the market, a majority (if not all) of them were only capable of playing music. Nowadays, the bulk of players have the ability to store and view images and videos. If you are interested in an MP3 player that can store your photos and videos, keep in mind that this should also be a factor in deciding on size and display. You'll want to purchase something that has a clear, crisp picture and can store your media
  • What file format is your media? Not all MP3 players support a variety of formats. The most common file format for music is MP3; however, if some of your songs are in another format (WAV, for example), you won't be able to access them on an MP3 player that doesn't support that format. The same thing applies to photos and video. Be sure to check and make sure that the player you are interested in supports the file formats you use
  • What size MP3 player are you looking for? Players can hold anywhere from 1GB to 120GB or more. Keep in mind that the average song is roughly 4-6MB and that there are 1024MB in 1GB. So, a 1GB player can hold anywhere from 170 to 256 songs (this can range depending on the size and format of the song). If you are an avid music fan with a large library that grows regularly, you would be better off investing in a player that holds more. However, if you are a casual listener who doesn't add music to your library very often, it would be a waste of money to invest in a player with that much storage space. If you ever anticipate running out of space, look at MP3 players that take memory cards
  • What additional features are you interested in? Some people enjoy their MP3 player just so that they can play music, but others make use of other features that are available; such as a built-in microphone, FM radio, or Bluetooth. Be sure to keep in mind what features you think you would or wouldn't use
  • What about functions and controls? This is more less a matter of preference; however, touch screen MP3 players can be considerably more expensive than the standard button controls. Additionally, you want to make sure that you purchase a player that has comfortable controls for you to use. Nothing is worse than buying an MP3 player and discovering that the buttons are too small for you to navigate easily. Check out some local electronics stores and ask if they have any MP3 players available for you to "test drive"

How Does a MP3 Player Work?

  • MP3 players are hardware or software digital file players that record and transmit music. These players exploded in popularity with the advent of the iPod. These MP3 players emitted music with excellent sound and quality. Since this time, other MP3 Players have come on the scene in different shapes, sizes and colors. Yet, they still have a lot in common with their predecessor. It all has to do with the mechanism that makes them work
  • All forms of MP3 Players are just reworked pen drives. Pen drives are a type of universal serial bus (USB) flash drive, which include a circuit board and a USB connector. They work with NAND-type flash memory cards to receive and store data. The storage capacity usually ranges from 64 MB to 32 GB. Consequently, these storage ranges are normally listed on the packaging of MP3 Players Naturally, the higher the storage capacity, the higher the price of the specified MP3 player. The price is reflective of the amount of information the MP3 player can hold
  • Music is downloaded onto a MP3 player after it is connected to a computer carrying compatible software. The USB connector jutting out of a MP3 player must be pushed directly into the USB port at the back of a computer or with a device that connects to it. If connected properly, the computer will recognize the existence of the MP3 device. Then, compatible software like iTunes can be used to download or store music to the MP3 player. This software will normally pull up an icon of the MP3 player, list out the music on it and serve as a pathway to retrieve and transmit music. After the user has completed this task, he can disconnect an MP3 player and listen to the music stored on it
  • Outside of the basic function of an MP3 player, the other attributes are designed based on the taste of the manufacturer. This includes shape, size, color and portability. It is a very individual thing that keeps consumers on their toes and buying MP3 players

Methods of Improving MP3 Playback Quality:

  • Download the song from a paid website. If you want the best playback quality, purchase your music from the iStore of iTunes. If you get your songs from a free file sharing website, you may not always get the best quality possible. Sometimes, the songs are improperly labeled or cut off in the end. For a dollar a song, it's worth paying the small amount of cash to get a recorded song the same quality as from a compact disk
  • Record the song from an original CD. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good quality recording is to make a copy from an original CD that you have purchased. This way, you are sure that the song is recorded in its entirety. Also, the song titles will automatically be transferred to iTunes so you don't have to manually label each song
  • Use a high bit rate when recording. Use at least a 192 KB or 256KB when recording a song to ensure the best quality sound. If you record at a lower bit rate, you may not get the best results
  • Use a program. You can try Audacity, Wavelab or Winmap to manipulate the quality of the sound. You can reduce white noise and manipulate your equalizer settings before recording to improve sound. You may also try Sony's Sound Forge to get better results. MP3 Doctor is another program that you can download to help you improve the sound quality of your MP3 music. There are many sound editing programs available for download so check it out. most programs have good pre-settings so even a novice user can navigate through it
  • Manipulate the setting on iTunes. If you have already downloaded the song, you can still adjust the settings on iTunes. To do this, select the song you want to fix. When it is selected, click on File on the toolbar. Select Get Info. When you click on Get info, a smaller pop up window will appear. Click on Options. You will now be able to adjust the equalizer settings or the volume of the song as it is played on your MP3 player. Repeat the process as needed on all the songs that need to be adjusted

MP3 Players Maintenance:

  • Avoid using mp3 player in high-intensity magnetic field, high field, high temperature and moist situation
  • Do not wet the USB port, or it will be oxidized
  • Avoid shock, over shock will destroy the interior disks
  • Do not keep the batteries in the mp3 player for long time (if it is powered by outer power source); the weeping of batteries will damage the player
  • To avoid the performance of Li-Po battery decreasing, please keep full charge if without using it over 30days


  • Trouble hearing the sound, please confirm whether the volume is turning on and the files are complete, for the damaged mp3 or wma files may make noise or even can not be play by the player
  • Trouble downloading music, please confirm whether the USB line is good, the connection is correct and the player has available capacity
  • Trouble connecting the player with the PC, check the USB connecting status

Package Included:

  • 1 x MP3 Player
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Headphones
  • 1 x User Manual