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MASTECH MS6900 Multi Function Moisture Meter


MS6900 is a material moisture, temperature, humidity all-in-one multi functions Meter. The Meter is ideal for measuring moisture of wood and concrete buildings.
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MS6900 Multi Function Moisture Meter Features:

Provide temperature, humidity and moisture measuring.
Measure seven kinds of materials through manual mode.
Maximum and Minimum Moisture readings.
Display Hold.
LCD Display, moisture bar display.
Units switch.
Backlight display.
Auto off (when not in use for 10 minutes).
Sturdy construction, easy to carry.

Measurement Specification:

Electric Conductivity (Resistance Sensor) Range: 0.0
Temperature (Temperature Sensor) Range: -10.050.0°C (14.0122.0°F

Material Moisture: %
Environment  Humidity:  %,WB,TD
Environment Temperature: °C, °F

Materials Moisture Range:

Material 1: Beech, Spruce, Larch, Birch, Cherry, Walnut                    8.5~60.0%
Material 2: Oak, Cedar, Maple, Ash Tree, Citigroup, Tamarisk           6.8~53.4%
Material 3: Smoothing Cement, Concrete                                        0.9~24.5%
Material 4: Anhydrite Screed                                                           0.0~12.2%
Material 5: Cement Mortar                                                              0.7~9.2%
Material 6: Lime Mortar, Plaster                                                       0.5~11.1%
Material 7: Brick                                                                              0.0~17.8%

Material Moisture0.1%
Temperature 0.1°C,0.1°F
Humidity 0.1%
Accuracy (perform under temperature of 25°C)
Sample Interval
Material Moisture Sample Speed
240ms ; LCD refresh time: 1.5s
Temperature Sample Speed
240ms ; LCD refresh time 1.5s
Humidity Sample Speed
240ms ; LCD refresh time 3.5s

Operation Temperature
Storage Temperature -4060°C-40...140°F
Batteries 2×1.5V  AAA
Life of Battries
200 hrs (Backlight off)
Size 130×55×29mm
Weight140g(with batteries and protective cover)

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MASTECH MS6900 Multi Function Moisture Meter


One Users Manual
Two AAA Battery