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Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs


A coffee cup may refer to a type of container from which coffee is consumed. Coffee cups are typically made of glazed ceramic, and have a single handle, allowing for portability while still hot. Thus, have you been looking for the coffee mugs which y...
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  • The Coffee Mugs are perfect for coffee, tea or other drinks
  • Made of high-quality ceramic, the Coffee Mugs are practical for you
  • The coffee mug set includes one mug and one saucer
  • Special designed Coffee Mugs are made for your favorite morning beverage or late night brew
  • The Personalized Mugs are the mugs that you can trust to stand up to the rigors of daily life and still look good
  • Coffee Mugs are the great way to show your lift in an elegant and modern fashion
  • The coffee mugs are perfect gifts for your friends with this Ceramic Mug
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Mug Height: 7cm/2.8in
  • Saucer Diameter: 14.8cm/5.8in


Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

  • Good designed coffee mug is made to meet your need with its speciality 

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

  • You can put the mug over the saucer according to your need

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

  • Elegant mug is a great way to show your taste with the flowers over it

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

  • You can put the mug with bottom up when you do not need to use it

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

  • The mug and the saucer will be packaged with care to send to you

History of Coffee Mugs:

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

Mugs are practical and useful in many ways, including at businesses. This article will explore the history of mugs, some of the ways they are used and the types available. Mugs can also be used to raise money for organizations


  • Archaeologists found mugs carved from bones dating to the Stone Age
  • The first coffee shop appeared in 1475 in Constantinople. The first coffee mugs were made out of wood during that time. In 1748, Britain banned coffee and all merchandise associated with it, including mugs. This led to a shortage of mugs, and the black market prices for mugs rose
  • Coffee mugs today are made in a variety of sizes, patterns and designs for many purposes. In fact, many organizations use them as a way to promote sales and as a fundraising tool. Mugs are staples in most homes and offices where people drink coffee, tea or hot chocolate
  • The coffee mug business is big and there are many companies competing in this market. There are mugs that keep coffee warm and can be carried in the car. Technological advances may result in new ways to make coffee mugs more durable and suited for consumers


  • A mug is a ceramic cup often deeper than other cups for containing coffee, tea and other hot beverages. The types of handles depend on the design. Mugs can hold more liquid than the average coffee cup. Mugs are made of different materials, often ceramic. Bone china, stoneware, strengthened glass, plastic and steel all can be used to make mugs. There are different ways to design patterns on mugs such as silk-screening techniques and decals. Mugs are often sold alone or in sets of 6 to 12


  • A mug has many purposes. In offices, it can be used as a container for pencils or pens. Many mugs are decorative and can be displayed to enhance the surroundings. Mugs can neatly hold coffee stirrers, spoons and packets of sugar
  • The handle of the mug is often set away from the cup so that when you hold the mug it will be cool. Often the walls of the mug are thick to keep the beverage insulated and warm longer. The bases of most mugs are circular


  • Travel mugs are designed to transport hot liquids in a car, train or other moving vehicle. They usually have a top that's easy to open and close. These are often made of stainless steel and plastic
  • Porcelain and ceramic coffee mugs often come in colorful designs for home use. They are given as gifts on holidays and for special occasions and birthdays. Children's mugs often are decorated with comic book characters and whimsical designs. Stein mugs are larger than the average mug. They are often highly ornate and used for beer


  • Mugs are a way to raise money for your nonprofit organization or business. They make practical, low-cost gifts that most people enjoy. Having the name of your club or organization on mugs' surfaces can be a low-cost advertising tool
  • People enjoy drinking coffee or other beverages and often become attached to mugs they use every day

How to Clean Coffee Stains From Mugs:

Lovely Ceramic Household Coffe Mugs

Coffee stains can provide immense frustration. If you allow coffee to sit inside of your favorite mug for a prolonged period of time, difficult stains will likely develop, leaving the surface of your mug with a brown discoloration and lingering odors. When dealing with stainless steel mugs, the problem can seem even more unmanageable, as reaching the inside of the mug can prove impossible. You can remove even the most stubborn coffee stains as long as you apply the correct solutions

Ceramic Mugs

  • Place 1 tbs. of baking soda inside your coffee mug. Add 1 tbs. of white or apple cider vinegar, and then add a few drops of hot water
  • Scrub the entire inner surface of the mug, especially areas where coffee stains and dark discoloration appears. To ensure that you can reach every part of the surface with a thorough scrubbing, use a clean toothbrush. The baking soda effectively removes the stain while the vinegar removes the stubborn coffee odor
  • Rinse the inside of your mug with hot water and allow it to dry. To avoid future staining, rinse your coffee mug immediately after every use

Stainless Steel Thermal Mugs

  • Pour approximately 1/2 cup of hot water into the thermos, and add 1 tbs. baking soda and 1 tbs. of white or apple cider vinegar
  • Place the lid on your mug and shake vigorously for about a minute, allowing the vinegar and apple cider to fully penetrate the stains inside the mug
  • Remove the lid, pour out the liquid and rinse with warm water. Allow the mug to dry, and rinse immediately after each subsequent use to minimize future staining

How to Remove Tea or Coffee Stains on Mugs or Fine China Cups:

  • Everyone, especially me, gets annoyed at some point or another with yucky, brown stains left behind on their ceramic mugs or fine china cups from tea or coffee. It seems most, if not all of the time, after scrubbing and soaking, the stain is usually still lingering. Not any more... Here is a great solution for eliminating these stains and keeping your favorite ceramic mug or fine china cup gleaming
  • Things You'll Need: Hot Water, Liquid Dish Soap, Vinegar, Table Salt, Baking Soda, Lemon, Sponge
  • Rinse. Use lots of extra hot water (as hot as you can stand it) to flush away any excess residue from your ceramic mug or fine china cup
  • Squirt. Put a couple drops of liquid soap and a dash or two of vinegar onto a damp sponge, then sprinkle on a hefty dose of table salt(which acts as a mild abrasive)
  • Scrub. Gently scrub the inside of you ceramic mug, or fine china cup for approximately one minute, then rinse with warm water
  • VOILA ! Stain will be gone

Package Included:

  • 1 x Mug
  • 1 x Saucer